3 Megatrends to Dominate Real Estate in 2020

2019 was quite the year for the real estate industry, and we're ready to take on 2020! The first couple of months in the new year are always filled with noise and to help you focus on what's important, we've found the most powerful forces that are shaping the real estate industry. Let's dive into the three megatrends and tools that you need to be using in 2020. 

Megatrend #1: Marketing Automation to Increase Your Productivity


Marketing automation will be your best friend in 2020! We know you are on the go, so partnering with a technology company that can generate and nurture your leads is a must for a rock star like you! Deliver tailored messages to customers in your pipeline when they are most engaged.

Need more convincing? 

You will also: 

  • Save and optimize your time so you can work the ready-now leads
  • Consistently engage with your leads 
  • Personalize your communications to target and convert more

What tool can help you master marketing automation? 

Marketing automation tools, including Behavioral Messaging, allow you to be communicate with leads without lifting a finger! Automated messages are sent on your behalf based on your leads' behavior. This allows you to continue to connect, nurture, and form relationships with your longer-term leads while you actively work your leads that ready to buy now! 

Megatrend #2: Video to Help You Cut Through the Noise


On average, consumers are bombarded with 4,000 to 10,000 ads a day. There is one medium that is currently (and will continue to be) king in our content-heavy world: video. We're letting you know now, it's a must! The best part is that the smartphone, where you are reading this right now, has a powerful camera right at your fingertips. 

Where can I use video?

Start incorporating videos into your: 

  • Social media posts and stories
  • Email marketing
  • Text messages 

What tool can help you produce video?

CINC's newest feature, Video Messaging, allows you to produce and distribute videos all within your CINC platform! You can easily create and send in-message videos via text message and email, giving you the power to communicate with your leads the way you (and they!) want. No matter what tool you're using to incorporate video into your business, make sure to check out our best practices for producing amazing videos! 

Megatrend #3: Social Media to Build Trust and Leverage Your Brand


Social media is possibly the most powerful tool in your marketing toolbox for reaching your audience. You can broadcast your brand, message, and expertise through all the popular social media platforms. The cost of using these platforms is minimal, but you will need to invest a little bit of time into the right platforms to grow your presence and brand!

Where will I see the ROI with social media? 

  • Discover new customers 
  • Build trust with your audience 
  • Establish your authority 

Tools to own your social media

Hootsuite is a great software that "makes finding, scheduling, managing, and reporting on social media easier." This platform allows you to manage all your social accounts in one location, while also providing you the data to learn what works and what does not. 

Ready to Expand Your Market in 2020? 

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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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