3 Most Common Mistakes Agents Make When Choosing AI

1. Robotic, not human

We’ve all been there. You’re researching online and fill out a form for more info. Immediately an autoresponder or a chatbot reaches out with the same sterile questions… price range, time to buy, what you’re looking for. You trade a few messages back and forth, but the conversation (if you can call it that) is completely transactional, and a lot of the time, you get stuck in a loop of the same unhelpful Q&A. 43% of consumers said they prefer dealing with an actual person in the buying process.

2. What not WHY

Driving the robotic nature of AI is the fact that existing bots identify the what, not the why in your search. As with all computers, AI is data-driven and is looking to categorize each person it talks to. Think about a home search. How easy is it to select the number of beds and baths you need from a in a search window? After initially sharing that info with an agent (most should already know thanks to their CRM), how often does that come up again? Agents know that real estate is about building a relationship, and you don’t build those by simply collecting characteristics of a house. You need to find out your clients’ motivation! Did they get a promotion? Are they downsizing? A growing family? Is their dog like their child and a fenced in yard is a number one priority? A key to motivating people to buy is to make them feel understood. Why not have AI that does that from the start of the relationship?

3. Not an extension of your business

As a business owner, every person (or technology) speaking to your leads and clients must be an extension of your business. Does your current AI work toward the same goals set out for your team? Does it use intelligent data to know when a lead is taking implicit steps in their home search so that it can send the right message to the right lead at the right time? Adding value and, combining the science and art of sales, getting you more conversions.


With over 36 months in script-specific development, CINC AI is built around having a deeper, meaningful, more powerful conversation that leads to conversion. CINC AI not only uses lead behaviors to proactively reach out and have a more valuable conversation, but remembers important details of that conversation to build lasting relationships. Thanks to the deep connection into the CINC CRM and IDX websites, CINC AI can use the conversation to figure out the why of the home search (since it already knows what the homebuyer is looking for thanks to their search history on the site) and use that information to add value and get you more appointments. CINC AI can have a seemingly infinite number of these value-add conversations simultaneously, 24/7/365. Do you have someone on your team that never takes a day (or hour!) off?

This Blog Post was Written by Jordan Fisher

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