3 New Products to Build Your Brand to Home Buyers

This quarter, CINC is launching three brand new and innovative products that are revolutionizing how you communicate with your leads. Check out a sneak peek of these new CINC features that will save you time, build your brand, and reach more of your leads!


AutoTracks: Say Goodbye to Boring Drip Campaigns

CINC’s AutoTracks will put you back in the driver seat of your business and allow you to reach your goals easier and faster than ever before. AutoTracks will automatically put each lead onto the right follow up “track” based on their buying personality. Think of it as your CINC cruise control for follow up. You can simply set it and forget it. You can also trigger these emails, texts, and reminders based on important dates (think holidays, birthdays, anniversaries).

Messaging Wizard2

Messaging Wizard: The Magical Tool for Your Mass Communication Needs

Messaging Wizard is coming to a CINC platform near you! This tool now guides you through the once stressful process of creating mass communications. It allows you to quickly build your audience list, select the appropriate email template, and review your email so you can send to the masses with total confidence! New features also include scheduling your mass communications for future sends, enhanced statics, and even save custom audiences for future communications.

Video Messaging 2

Video Messaging: Cut Through the Noise

Ready to cut through all the noise and get your emails and text messages to connect with more leads? Then Video Messaging is your dream tool! Content is king, and video is the number one way to make your content the supreme ruler of the universe! Make more of your messages stand out by allowing your lead to put your face to your name, humanize your message in a world of noise, and give instant credibility and establish trust with your leads. 

Want to watch our on-demand webinar announcing these new features? 

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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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