40 Subject Lines to Inspire Your Next Email Campaign

Let's talk about subject lines. This is literally the first thing your recipient sees in your email campaigns and the determining factor if they open your email. Obviously, you want it to be engaging enough for them to open it and appeal to them by solving a problem, appealing to their vanity, or keeping them from a fear of missing out. Check out our list of 40 subject lines for you to use or use to gather inspiration.


Educational Subject Lines

  1. What can you afford?
  2. What do you think? Write a review!
  3. DO NOT commit these home buyer mistakes
  4. Looking for a home?
  5. Everything you wanted to know about home selling but were too nervous to ask
  6. How to protect yourself from wire fraud
  7. Your step-by-step game plan for selling your home
  8. 5 home staging tricks you need to use right now
  9. [Prospect Name], I thought you might like this (blog, tip, home)
  10. Moving? X things people forget to do in the process
  11. Your budget-friendly guide to renovating your master bathroom
  12. Getting started with the home buying process
  13. Find your new dream home
  14. What you can do to prepare for an ever-changing housing market
  15. Do not open this email because it is full of useful info 


Checking In Subject Lines

  1. Did you find the home you were looking for?
  2. Our next steps
  3. Quick question
  4. Hoping to help you today
  5. Have you sold your home yet?
  6. Your new home, we found it!
  7. Struggling with selling your home?
  8. [Prospect Name], we found some home you might like
  9. Check out the latest homes in your dream neighborhood
  10. What can impact your property value

Sharing Updates_subjects

Sharing Updates Subject Lines

  1. Look at these homes
  2. Your home value is increasing
  3. Know this about (neighborhood of interest)
  4. Don’t miss this open house!
  5. X questions to ask your lender
  6. The Secret to Listing Your Home
  7. We can help!
  8. Here’s that information you requested
  9. Take advantage of this exclusive offer!
  10. How your home compares to everyone else’s


Referrals & Follow Up with Previous Clients Subject Lines

  1. I found you through [referral name]
  2. First steps to improving your credit
  3. Would love to work with you again
  4. Sell & find your next home with help from [your company] again
  5. [Referral name] suggested I reach out to you


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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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