5 Actions to Build Your Fall Pipeline

Earlier this summer, CINC and Workman Success Systems launched a 120 Day Listing Challenge. If you are still interested in participating or accessing the resources, click here. With summer ending, your business is pivoting to building your fall pipeline. Tammie Slay Broker/Owner of Hip Realty Group located in Dallas/Ft. Worth market shares five actionable tips team leaders and top producers can follow to build your fall pipeline. 

Tammie Slay Aug 30 2021 Hip Video

1) Open your mouth. Talk to your sphere.

Every 24 hours, there is new data. Every 24 hours, there is a new real estate market. Specifically, there are days in the Dallas metro where 1500 new listings hit the market when the average is 400 listings. It is your fiduciary responsibility to communicate these changes to your clients. Sharing the current market information and asking others how their day is, is a habit. When role-playing, ask people if they would like to know how much their home might be worth in today's market; it becomes a habit.

2) Educate your people.

Most consumers are unaware of how quickly the housing market is changing. As an agent, it's your responsibility to not only talk to your people but educate them on the current trends. Strive to call your people once every month and have a conversation. To identify your people, you should develop a Top 50 list. Your Top 50 list is a group of 50 people who you believe will send you a referral a year. Tammie suggests creating a monthly question to help provide a reason to call these contacts in your database. Some examples of calls include, "Have you toured the local police department?" "In your opinion, is it a buyer or seller market?" "Do you know about the proposed capital improvement plan for our city?"

To cultivate a long-term relationship, you should end every call asking them if they know of anyone who needs to sell their home and ask their permission to follow up next month. By calling her Top 50 once a month, Tammie has received 68 referrals this year.

Pro Tip: As a team leader, encourage your agents to develop a Top 50 and make it a competition within your team to call your group of 50. Successful team leaders discuss the progress of agents using the Top 50 using a scoreboard during Daily Huddles. If you are interested in learning more about Top 50 or Daily Huddles, visit here.

3) Follow up.

Honor your commitment with your Top 50 and call this group every month. Most agents don't want to ask their sphere of influence (SOI) and database for permission to call as it will require them to do so. Be the agent who stays true to a commitment.  

4) Host events.

Today there is a stronger desire than ever before for humans to gather. Fall is a perfect time to host events within your community. As you navigate your local area's COVID-19 restrictions, plan events that allow you to connect and provide value. A few examples of fall include Pie Event (ideal timeframe is around Thanksgiving), local Hayride, or Blood Drive.

5) Leverage your network.

Top real estate agents know how to leverage their network and find opportunities in every action. Once you truly understand the power of leverage, your will leverage everything (from events to t-shirts). Here are four ideas on ways you can leverage, even if you don't have any listings:

  • Farming/Geo calling: Call homeowners in surrounding neighborhoods after a home has sold.
  • Call your sphere with listing details: Share with your sphere of influence the power of today's seller market. In your calls, you can provide value by delivering the current MLS stats of homes new on the market and how many have recently sold.
  • Market other listings in your area: You can share current listing information and market it in many markets. If you need permission, then call the agents and ask permission.
  • Facebook Live other listings: Visit Open Houses and talk about the home! Homebuyers and sellers then will further see you as the market expert. The more you're in business, the more business you attract. Make sure you update your social media account with this activity. By sharing this information, you show you are active, and perception sells.
Many of these tips are not new ideas but serve as a reminder to focus on basic actions that drive results. As you pursue these five tips, consider creating a daily huddle with a pattern of return and report. This meeting provides the ability to hold everyone accountable and review your goals and benchmarks.

This Blog Post was Written by Jamie Quenzer

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