50 Blogs Posts to Write Now and to Use in Future Marketing

Here are 50 blog topics to inspire you to start your very own real estate blog right now. Use these ideas to inspire you, whether you are a newbie or a long-time writer. You can use these topics to attract readers for months, even years!

Show your Market Expertise 

  1. Share what school (or counties) are top in your area(s)
  2. Each week, share what makes your neighborhoods unique
  3. Upcoming (virtual) open houses that your clients can tour 
  4. Write about new listings & your favorite features of the home
  5. Alert consumers of reduced home prices 
  6. Local restaurants & shops walkable in your neighborhoods/markets
  7. Employment opportunities & updates (e.g., businesses opening up a new HQ in your market) 
  8. Relocation guides & resources to direct new home buyers (or lookers) to top restaurants and shops
  9. Top 10 local attractions to see within a two-hour driving distance
  10. Activities to do in the city 
  11. Share the history of the neighborhood, area, and city
  12. Create a list of contractors to use before, during, and after buying a new home
  13. Annual city events & festivals
  14. Review this year's local events afterward
  15. Highlight the local golf clubs (and include pictures)
  16. Share the top evening spots for a night out
  17. Insider guides that only you and the locals know (e.g., unique, hole in the wall places) 
  18. Create market reports (and use these reports as lead magnets for Facebook Ads)
  19. Work with your lender partner to create a list of tips for borrowing
  20. Create a guide for refinancing 

Ideas for Promoting You & Your Services

  1. Share a recent sale (buyer or listing) 
  2. Work with clients to gather testimonials
  3. Share your favorite home listing and why you love the features of that specific home
  4. Work with local business to cross-promote
  5. Post a day-in-the-life of a real estate agent/broker guide 
  6. Share stats on the housing market
  7. Give exclusive insights on the neighborhoods that they can't be found on Google 
  8. Share your listing techniques
  9. How to chose the right agent to work with 
  10. Create buying and selling guides

Real Estate Blog Posts for Buyers

  1. What to look for in your first (or next) home
  2. Share you knowledge of the prices of homes in your market
  3. Tips on working with a lender
  4. Local housing market reports 
  5. An FAQ on home buying
  6. Recent changes in home sale prices
  7. Recent changes in market conditions
  8. Homebuyer FAQ
  9. How the home buying process works
  10. How to negotiate the best price

Blog Posts to Help Sellers 

  1. How to know when you are ready to sell
  2. How to know your home's worth
  3. Best practices for prepping your home for a resale
  4. Tools and tips for taking photos and videos of your home
  5. Affordable ways to prep your home for resale without breaking the bank
  6. Negotiating your home to get the most of it 
  7. Quick improvements on landscaping
  8. What to do when you are getting ready for an open house
  9. Advice on which bid to accept 
  10. Home improvements that deliver high ROI

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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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