The 4 Best Social Media Strategies You Probably Don't Know About

This month, the CINC team attended Housingwire’s Engage.Marketing event in Charlotte, and we were blown away with the amazing content shared in describing how to grow one’s real estate business through social media. 

In 2019, having a credible social media presence for your real estate business is no longer optional – it's a must-have. We’re operating in a period of time in which people actually trust rideshare drivers more than they trust their own colleagues! Why? Because rideshare drivers have a digital profile that they can explore and investigate, which gives them credibility. Similarly, having a solid social media strategy for your real estate business allows you to build trust with current and future clients, and having a powerful personal brand allows you to attract ideal clients for FREE! But starting can be daunting. The truth is, creating a powerful social media presence can be accomplished easily... as long as you know where to start!  

 Start with your Content 

There are 5 types of content you should focus on creating in building a personal brand across your various social media channels: the 5 E’s. The 5 E’s include educational content, entertaining content, emotional content, engaging content, and exclusive content. Ideally, you should include a good mix of each on each of your social channels:  



Prime and Post – don't post and ghost. It’s so important when you’re engaging with content on Facebook, that you follow up on the conversations to keep the engagement levels high. Plan to set aside some time to follow up on comments after you’ve posted the content itself.  



1 in 5 Instagram stories results in a direct message – It’s social sales prospecting at its finest! The best part? Consumers are reaching directly out to you! Make sure you’re leveraging 20 – 25 hashtags. Hashtags are how people are going to find you! Also, keep in mind that 60% of all eyeballs on Instagram are on stories – it's not the filtered posts, so don’t be afraid to leverage stories.  



Having a cover photo that speaks to what you do lets people know you’re in real estate right off the bat and provides credibility to your personal brand.  




Accelerate your sales cycle by leveraging video to build relationships. You can accomplish this through YoutubeVideo allows consumers to buy your story then your product – so give them a story worth buying. Plan to leverage tags, but don’t use more than 10 tags on Youtube. 

Remember that social media is a journey, and consistency is key. - it takes years, not months, but the hardest part is getting started and staying consistent.  

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This Blog Post was Written by Brandy Commodore

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