New Website Themes are Here and the Results are Striking for CINC Clients!

 The CINC client discovery process is one of the greatest driving factors in keeping CINC ahead of our competition when it comes to product development and improvement. When we meet with our clients, we take the time to focus on improving both the client and consumer experience, which translates directly into increased conversion metrics.

Coming out of our most recent client discovery session, is Castle - a completely redesigned look and feel of our clients' consumer-facing website,  inspired by historical castles around the world. “The new themes now allow clients to swap pieces out to build their websites or, as we call it, their "castle" with different themes and configurations to make it more personalized” says Mike Gullo, Vice President of Product Development. The first launch"Windsor", named after the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, has arrived, and the results are impressive!



In addition to increasing the amount of time consumers are spending on client websites and increasing our clients' conversion rates, once opted into the upgrade of Windsor, our clients will see new enhancements that give the consumer an easier and smoother experience in three areas: Search Experience, Filtering and Listing Details.

Improved Search Experience

Our new client search experience now provides more important information in a quick and easy place. Revamping the Search Experience gave consumers an improved experience that allows them to easily locate where listings are on the new map, find and review highlighted information of the listing, and even identify their favorite or previously viewed listings!


Filtering Options Simplified 

Previously consumers reported feeling overwhelmed when using the filters. The sheer volume of filter options could deter and confuse consumers in their search. In addition, it caused users were more inclined to second guess if they had over filtered their results, possibly limiting the number of listings meeting their search criteria. 


The newly simplified filters allow them to be as detailed oriented as they prefer. Since majority of website users are mobile, we designed this experience to by enjoyable for them as well.  

Listings Page Enhanced 

The listings page has also been revamped to include improvements for the overall page experience and specific listings details. These new changes now allow consumers to focus on seeing the house with pictures and on the map as well as  to quickly and easily gain an understanding of the house. Previous listing details felt scattered on the page, the snapshot of information was low on the page, and schools did not have enough detail. 


The revitalized consumer experience and new features added, especially the Mortgage Calculator, have consumers happy to explore the results of their searches. Information is well organized with a strong call to action for consumers. 

Ready to Build Your Castle?  

CINC Clients can upgrade their sites to the Windsor theme by logging into their dashboard and selecting Windsor under website themes. More launches will be announced in the upcoming months and will include other options to continue to allow for personalizing client sites with features including colors and fonts that fit your brand, providing a tool to see what schools are in their area, and more!

Interested in learning more about the Windsor website theme? 

Check out the new Castle theme in action!   

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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson, Brandy Commodore

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