CINC Rev-iew: Highest Attended Sessions of CINC Rev 2020

The 4th Annual CINC Rev Virtual Conference is less than one month away -- April 21st, 2021 starting at 9am ET! It’s free to attend, and with 24 hour exclusive access, you’ll have the flexibility to join value-add sessions covering online lead generation, working a database and how to identify the right leads, best practices for communication nurture tools and lead follow up, and conversion tips to get more buyers and sellers to the closing table on your schedule (psst. we’ll have a lot of sessions on how to boost your listings – you don’t want to miss it).

If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for CINC Rev 2021 now! To get you even more excited for this year’s event, we’re opening the vault and sharing last year’s most attended sessions, giving you exclusive access to tactical tips you can implement in your business today. Come back April 21st for even more at CINC Rev 2021!


#1 The Death of Door Knocking

Karen Coffey, owner of Karen Coffey Coaching, dives into why old-school tactics for building a phenomenal real estate team (like door knocking) are dead and the systems her agents use to earn $100k in 100 days. Don’t miss it:




#2 Hyperlocal Marketing to Drive Growth

Is your lead provider generating hyperlocal leads, (think: specific neighborhoods, school districts, golf/country clubs, or subdivisions where you’re the expert), or are you stuck sharing leads from zip codes or cities with other agents? Join Dan Lott, CINC’s Head of Client Marketing, as he walks you through why hyperlocal advertising leads to not only a lower cost per lead, but a more qualified lead to drive growth. Watch now:



#3 Insights on ISA Best Practices

Thinking of hiring an ISA? Or do you have a team in place and you need tips on how to set them up for success? Look no further than this session from Verse VP of Sales, Hillary Anne. View here:



#4 Optimize Your Lead Conversion

CINC’s own John Marrone, Growth Expert on the CINC Live team, breaks down the methods, scripts, and schedule you need to boost your conversion and get more closings. Watch now:



#5 Leveraging Your Brand on Social Media

Join Dean Aguilar, CEO and Founder of the Dean Aguilar Group, for tools, tips and technology to dynamically grow your brand (and closings) using social media. Check it out:

Looking for more Instagram-specific content? Check out this bonus session from social media expert, Chelsea Peitz: “Elevating Your Instagram from Likes to Leads

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April 21, 2021 | 9am ET


This Blog Post was Written by Jordan Fisher

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