The NEW CINC Xchange ISA Service is Doubling Client Conversion Rates: Here's How

Familiar with Appointments Inc? Well you ain't seen nothing yet... In an exciting new reveal, the conversion pros from CINC introduce the new and improved CINC Xchange ISA program that's doubling CINC client conversion rates! Read on to learn about all of the exciting changes to the program that could have you doubling your conversion in 2019 as well...

What is CINC Xchange? 


CINC Xchange is a new suite of services that includes an enhanced version of our Appointments Inc ISA program, as well as expanded ISA services - so what's the difference? Since transitioning to CINC Xchange, we've truly overhauled all of our processes, which included increasing contact attempts, in addition to rebuilding our staff with qualified ISAs... some of which have their licenses. The result? We've seen client conversion rates double! 

Why Use it? 

If you're like most folks, you are staying busy doing deals and running your business, so it's pretty common and completely understandable that you're likely allowing your online leads, which are usually harder to work, and not always as friendly, to get pushed to the back burner. To solve for this, a number of broker/owners tend to like bringing someone in house to make the calls. The problem is, it's a really challenging role to hire for and to have consistently staffed. So rather than constantly having to hire, train, and support that position internally, we provide that option for our clients, offering a team of qualified ISAs available 7 days a week to deliver consistent call follow up and the speed to lead that it takes to get appointments set.

How Does Xchange Stack Up to Competitors? 

What you're getting with CINC Xchange when you're considering other ISA vendors, is a greater volume of contact attempts, better ISAs, and better talent on the phones. What we hear from CINC clients using the new Xchange service is that what's really impactful is the fact that it's all in one platform, in one spot, you don't have to juggle other technology systems... and they love that you can trust that we're using CINC speed-to-lead best practices.


Our US-based staff is working 7 days a week to provide that immediate response that your leads need, but beyond that we're going to reach out 11 times in the first 2 weeks to find out what's going on. The fact that our ISAs have a one-to-one relationship with each lead is unique compared to other vendors. So when our ISA makes that call to John Doe for you, that same ISA continues following up with John until he's ready to come sit down with you. Whereas a number of other vendors you may have tried or considered make it feel like you're getting hit by a call center. We're really proud of owning that one-to-one relationship through the lifecycle of the lead until the appointment is set.

Blog_imgAnother big differentiator when you are exploring options for an ISA program is choosing between texting and calling leads. What we've learned through CINC Xchange is that calling is still king. So we put the vast majority of our efforts into calls, where as other solutions rely solely on texting. Similarly everything we do lives within your CINC site, so you don't have to manage another platform: two important things to consider when selecting ISA services.


Why CINC Xchange?

Our enhanced lead nurture program provides exceptional lead follow up through:

Xchange Enhancements


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