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As the number 1 real estate tech solution serving elite agents and teams, CINC knows that the average home buyer lead can spend 18 months or more searching before they are ready to buy a home. An average agent will disengage with leads who aren't ready to take a seat at the closing table, but top performing real estate agents know that the key to long term success in real estate is capitalizing on now business, nurture business and future business: Enter ListCast!

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ListCast is a revolutionary product that keeps you top of mind with your buyer leads by targeting them with the specific MLS listings that they have already shown interest in! These groundbreaking ads will show home buyers your listings based on their personal search history. Whether the person left your site without registering, is an old lead that has been forgotten, or a currently engaged lead, CINC’s AI-driven listing advertising solution allows you to stay in front of the lead, while maximizing your spend on your leads and increasing your return on money you’ve already spent on advertising.

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How does it work?

Our innovative approach is the only one to combine Facbook’s Dynamic Ads for Real Estate and Google’s Dynamic Property Remarketing to keep you in front of potential clients the minute they hit your site. The AI-driven listing advertising solution selects the listings to display based on the home buyer's previous home search activity. This allows you to engage your leads while maximizing your spend and converting more leads with minimal manual time placing phone calls or sending emails.


How does this help agents and their teams?

1. Re-engage your old leads. This gives you a second chance to re-connect with old leads in your database. You're able to reconnect  without aggressively perusing them and show them homes that match their preference.
2. Follow your site visitors that did not engage with you. As a visitor leaves your site without registering, ListCast can continue to remind them of what they are missing out on and allow you to generate additional revenue from money you’ve already spent on marketing.
3. New listings are automatically updated daily to only show the most up-to-date listings to home seekers based on their specific activity on your CINC site. 
4. As the first to combine Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Real Estate with Google’s Dynamic Property Remarketing, you are reaching the largest audience across the largest platforms: Google, Facebook, and Instagram.
5. ListCast pairs all of the above with our best-in-class CRM giving you the best chance at lead conversion in the real estate industry.


Behind everything we do is the belief that professional agents play a vital role in real estate and deserve someone looking out for their best interests. With commissions declining and costs rising, your bottom line is under constant attack. We help by providing all the technology and service you need to succeed, under one roof.

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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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