Indie-Broker Series: How to Get Agents to Use the Stuff You Pay For

As an independent real estate broker looking to build your team, one of the biggest challenges you'll face is identifying the right technology solution to help you grow and scale your business. Constantly being inundated by new systems and solution offerings is both overwhelming and time consuming, and to an Indie broker, time is money. But make no mistake, identifying the technology itself is hardly the biggest challenge you'll face. Once you’ve identified the right solution for your team, the challenge becomes convincing your agents to actually use the system. And until your team is using your system to close more deals, you’re not going to see a proper a return on your technology investment. Which begs the question: 


Let’s face it, agents tend to lack the patience required to learn how to use a new system - even if doing so would help make them more money. But technology adoption is critical to the overall health of your real estate business, so as an Indie Broker, it's up to you to get your team on board and up to speed. Here’s how: 

Keep it Simple

The problem with most CRMs and real estate technology solutions is that they’re seen by agents as too darn complicated. And while your system may have a number impressive features that make your life easier and help you run your business, at the end of the day your agents likely only want to know how to do a handful of things in the system. So instead of inundating them with everything your system can do, instead just focus on making sure they know how to do the handful of things that are important to them. Once you start focusing on what’s most important to your agents, and providing them with fewer more tangible system use cases, they’ll be off to the races closing more deals in no time!



Communicate the Value

It's important that you go beyond merely selling your team on the features of the system, and instead ensure you're actually communicating the value of them using it. Your agents are not nearly as interested in hearing about all the bells and whistles as they are in understanding how the system is actually going to make them money. So it's important that you find several ways of explaining how the technology will do just that. Once your agents can understand how the system is going to help them make more money and improve their quality of life, enthusiasm about using it and adoption improve dramatically.

Make Your Leaders Your Early-Adopters 

There’s no denying that there is a herd mentality in residential real estate. You likely already know who the leaders are in your office, so let them sell the system for you! By peeling back the curtain and allowing your team leaders to see your vision, you’ll get them on board early on, and empower them to take the lead on selling the rest of your team on using the system as well. And once your agents see your team leaders finding success in using the system, they'll be eager to get on board as well.

Follow these three simple steps and you'll have your team on their way to closing more deals through your system in no time. And if they're using the system, they're making more money, and you're business is continuing to grow. 

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This Blog Post was Written by Brandy Commodore

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