What Every Real Estate Professional Should Know About Technology

"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse” – Henry Ford

new_tech.jpgLet’s face it, the future of technology is impossible to predict, and yet we’re living in an era that is hyper-dominated by 
technology - the real estate industry being no exception.  The evolution of the category from door hanging signs, direct mailers and phone books, to CRMs and real estate technology platforms is evidence of just that. 

Long before joining the CINC family, John Mikesh understood the importance of investing in a real estate technology. In looking to build his own firm from the ground up, John recognized the ways in which a real estate technology platform would help him expand his reach and drive high quality leads that close.

What John didn’t know however, was just how much it mattered which real estate technology platform he chose. It wasn’t long after implementing his first platform that John realized that in order to truly grow his business, ROOST Real Estate needed a technology platform that would also act as collaborative partner, committed to helping him close deals. Enter CINC (Commissions Inc.).

Now, since implementing CINC 5 years ago, ROOST Real Estate has experienced year over year growth to the tune of millions!

Mikesh headshot.pngquoted4.jpg

You can download John’s full case study detailing how ROOST Real Estate:

  • Grew and retained a top performing team
  • Dramatically increased conversion rates
  • Held agents accountable for their responsibilities
  • … and Exceeded their annual goal by $5 Million

The future of your real estate technology is in your hands. Don’t be the last to make the leap… and end up stuck on your horse!

Meet John Mikesh: Download his success story  


This Blog Post was Written by Brandy Commodore

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