Email Deliverability: Why it Matters and How CINC’s Expertise Helps Agents

Email marketing continues to be a top method for agents to communicate their value and knowledge with home buyers. As you interact with leads, it’s essential to know your emails get delivered. CINC continues to partner with email providers to understand best practices, improve deliverability rates, and optimize email content so the consumer will engage. 

Did you know? CINC clients receive an average of a 60% open rate (40% unique open rate) for property alerts. For perspective, the average open rate in the real estate industry is 16-18% (per Mailchimp and SendGrid).

CINC Recent Updates

To ensure emails continue to get delivered, the CINC product team undergoes hours of discovery and testing to continue to improve these metrics. Last week home buyers started to receive a refreshed property alert. These alerts provide buyers with updates in their market. 

The template has larger buttons, better mobile visibility, and a higher click rate. During testing of this property alert template, there was an approximate 10% increase in click-through rate. The changes should continue to help with email deliverability and allow agents to connect with more leads!

Here's an example of the new property alerts:

Example Property Alert


Why Email Deliverability is Important

Email deliverability is a vital piece of any CRM. There are three significant parts which impact deliverability:

  1. Content: While not as crucial as it used to be, this still matters today. You want your content to deliver value and be engaging for the leads. If you send lots of pictures with no text or big file attachments (.exe, etc.), don’t be surprised if you end up in the spam folder.
  2. Email Engagement: This is one of the most significant impacts on your deliverability and why you should consistently clean your leads list. The more consumers engage (open/click) with your mail, the better the chance you will end up in the inbox. If the majority of your email goes unopened, deleted, or worse...marked as spam, you’re on the way to the spam folder with future sends. Make sure you don’t overwhelm leads with email and only send to your leads in your database who are engaging. If they’re not engaging after six months, you need to try other means of contacting them and/or confirming their interest.
  3. Domain/IP Reputation: The most important piece of deliverability! If your email engagement is poor, you’re prone to sending mass emails to your whole lead list, you send to spam traps (fake emails created by ESPs to find spammers), or you get marked as spam then your reputation is going down the drain. Again, list cleaning and management is key to avoiding this issue. If your domain is marked as spam at a rate higher than .1% (or 1 in 1000 leads mark you as spam) for an extended period, you’re in trouble. 

How Does CINC Help With Email Delivery

At CINC you get a designated white-labeled domain to help protect you from any bad senders at CINC. Also, we have an algorithm that checks your email reputation and notifies you if you’re starting to have issues. Finally, we group all the good senders on different IPs from bad senders. Each of these steps help keep CINC mail and property alerts delivering at a high rate.

This Blog Post was Written by CINC

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