You Need Dynamic Ads to Market Your Real Estate Business... Here's Why

One of the big pieces of news from Inman Connect in San Francisco this summer was Facebook’s rollout of Dynamic Ads for Real Estate. We asked our Remarketing Manager Eric Robson to go under the hood of this technology and share how real estate leaders can bring retargeting ads into their lead generation arsenals.

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Image and remarketing ads are everywhere online. As you’ve seen when you visit a website after browsing an online store, most of what’s out there and being used successfully is catered towards e-commerce. Since the real estate industry can’t rely on capturing impulse purchases the way businesses like Amazon and eBay do, online advertising technology has been slow to evolve in our space.

As such, advertising specific properties with image ads has historically been pretty challenging. Creating custom image ads for certain listings is both time-consuming and costly. Worse yet, once the property is off the market, the assets become worthless!

To solve this problem, Dynamic ads have been developed that pull key information and pictures together to create ads without requiring the manual process of custom design work. Dynamic ads are also much more responsive and can be updated more easily than traditional static ads.

Facebook’s new ad product is making this technology accessible to realtors and brokerages who go through the exercise of cataloging their properties and importing the necessary creative assets. Facebook admins can set up the new service via the Facebook for Developers portal.

CINC launched its own proprietary Dynamic Property Remarketing platform back in April, allowing our clients to remarket their listings to their site visitors. A key advantage in utilizing CINC’s remarketing product is that it allows you to advertise beyond the scope of Facebook, serving your ads via the Google Display Network so that the ads follow your leads as they browse other sites all across the web All of the setup for these campaigns is managed by our team. 

Check out Eric’s recent webinar on Remarketing for Real Estate for more insights on how this cutting-edge technology can help you sell more homes.

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