Growing Together: Secrets From an Invitation-Only CINC Mastermind Event

At CINC, we’re always striving to make sure our clients remain at the forefront of what’s trending in the real estate industry, and a huge part of our culture is encouraging our clients to collaborate with one another to grow their businesses and their commissions in the process.

Realtors looking to grow their business should be chomping at the bit to learn tips and tricks from the best in the industry, and our network of 3,000+ elite teams truly boasts the best of the best that the real estate industry has to offer. Because CINC recognizes and values the importance of our clients creating and sharing ideas in an open forum, CINC hosts numerous Mastermind events in various cities throughout the country in order to foster organic conversations about how real estate professionals are leveraging CINC and other trending technologies to grow their businesses.

Last month, CINC hosted our most recent client Mastermind in Park City, Utah, where top producing agents and brokers from all over the United States and Canada tackled topics like Dominating Your Market as a Listing Expert, Maximizing ROI on All Sources of Digital and Social Marketing, and Hiring and Training Best Practices. And because Masterminds are intentionally an intimate affair, only 30 agents were invited to attend each session based on the number of transactions they closed the previous year. Read on as we peel back the curtain on the best practices shared by three top-producing CINC client teams last month in Park City!


Lead Generation and Leveraging New Technologies

tech_quoteThe first among our Mastermind attendees was Gladys Blum, Principal Broker, The Blum Team in Salem, Oregon. With more than 40 years’ experience in the real estate business, Blum began her career by knocking on doors and following up with leads from her file of index cars, but as technology has evolved, so has Blum’s approach to lead generation, lead nurturing and lead follow up. Listing capabilities within Blum’s CINC platform and other technologies have helped amplify her ability to follow up properly with leads in a consistent and timely manner. These technology solutions have helped the Blum team grow to a team of 15 and to consistently remain the top producing team in the greater Salem area for 20+ years. Last year, the Blum team closed 437 transactions and are aggressively pursuing the 500 benchmark for 2018!

Hiring and Training a Team

IMG_4591Gantry Wilson has been a licensed agent in Huntington Beach, CA for 14 years. A Keller Williams agent, Wilson immersed himself in all of the training and hiring programs that he could find to build a powerhouse team. His session emphasized the importance of spending many hours with a candidate over the course of a few days to determine what kind of personality they have and how they can fit into the business. Using this approach, Wilson’s team size has doubled and he is determined to continue that growth throughout 2018. Last year, Wilson and his team moved $55 million in transactions. In interviewing a potential candidate, Wilson has a unique approach of performing a life story interview to ensure the candidate is a good fit for the company culture. During the interview he asks questions about family, pets, and 'what's one word to describe yourself,' because without the right hires in place, no real estate team could experience such steady growth.

Social Media Marketing and Brand Awareness Communication

Vanessa Saunders, broker/owner of Global Property Systems (GPS) in the Hudson Valley of New York, became a Realtor in 2002, having worked in global marketing her entire career. In 2017 her team grew to 18 agents closing $80 million in GCI, and Saunders credits using the right technology, social media marketing and brand awareness as the key ingredients to her team’s impressive upward trajectory.

After trying multiple real estate platforms without success, including Top Producer, Boomtown, Tiger Leads, and Market Leader, Vanessa turned to CINC to solve three of her largest business challenges: organization, finances, and most importantly, growth. “Growth says it all to me,” says Saunders. “It’s growth in finances, growth in my team, and growth in leads coming in.” Acting as her primary lead generation website, CINC generates 75% of Vanessa’s residential business, which she supplements by referring other agents to the CINC family. Through CINC, Vanessa has built incredible friendships, recently closing a deal from a fellow CINC client’s referral; receiving a glowing testimonial in the process.. “The CINC Family is real,” says Saunders.

In Park City, Saunders spoke about the importance of social media marketing, brand awareness, and utilizing proper communication tools through various channels, stressing the importance of differentiating yourself from the competition, and leveraging different social media strategies to do so. Saunders recommends Rival IQ, a software that tracks what competitors are doing in the social media landscape, to maintain her competitive edge. Saunders also subscribes to relevant content from Inman News to repurpose for her own blog subscribers.

CINC clients are unique in that they are always willing to share the best practices they have implemented successfully with other CINC clients, working together to take everyone’s business to the next level. Stay tuned for more insider tips from our next CINC mastermind event in a few months!

In the meantime, check out this exclusive footage from CINC’s recent online Mastermind event, CINC Revwhere Real Estate Marketing Consultant/Coach, and publisher of Talking in Pictures, Chelsea Peitz, shared the inside scoop on how to leverage mobile technology and social media platforms to sell more houses this year.

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This Blog Post was Written by Hayden Sloan, Brandy Commodore

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