How CINC Leveraged the Pendo Platform to Achieve the Most Successful Product Launch in Company History

CINC is proud to announce that our feature, Behavioral Messaging, has been announced as Pendo's 2019 Feature Adoption Hero and is the most successful feature launch in CINC history. Since the feature's flawless launch in January 2019, CINC users have been flooding CINC's online forums with success stories on how Behavioral Messaging continually creates opportunities (and commissions) that did not previously exist. 

Behavioral Messaging was created to automatically engage untouched leads on clients' behalf. At launch, the CINC team worked to identify the best methods and tools to communicate and guide users to use this feature. Traditional methods, including email and social media, were obvious choices, but Pendo was the true communication winner for their solution to drive product adoption through hands-on user guidance.

At Pendo's annual conference, Pendomoinium, the company "honors some of [their] most creative and enthusiastic customers." The CINC team could not resist sharing the story of Behavioral Messaging's astounding adoption rate and the success stories from CINC Clients.

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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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