How Exclusive Mortgage Lead Generation with CINC Pro Lender is Helping this Loan Officer Expand his Business

Last month, CINC Pro Lender - CINC's technology platform built exclusively for top performing mortgage professionals - rolled out its most anticipated feature to date: Exclusive Mortgage Lead Generation. Utilizing CINC's hyper-local approach that has made us a leader in the home search lead generation space for years, CINC is now able to generate mortgage leads for our Pro Lender clients.

Scott Bell, Senior Loan Officer and Manager for Bay Equity Home Loans, has been a long-time co-marketing client with CINC. In January 2019, he decided to get a platform of his own with CINC Pro Lender. "It's because of the big opportunities that are there," Scott said when we sat down with him last week. "It gives me another lead source and puts me [the lender] in control." CINC gives Scott and his team control of their leads, and with that, they're able to grow their lending and real estate network organically.

Introducing Mortgage Leads

So, naturally, when CINC introduced exclusive mortgage leads, Scott was all in. "The mortgage leads, we're having more success with. I'd say, they're more engaged, communicative, and responsive. They're actually doing the applications and moving through the whole [CINC] system." In the 3 weeks Scott has been receiving mortgage leads from CINC, "we've already had 4 applications! It's a much warmer lead."

It's Not Just About Best Lead Generation but Best Practices

While CINC prides itself on our lead generation and conversion platform, that success goes hand-in-hand with actionable best practices from our clients. According to, 88% of all leads that eventually convert were contacted within the first 24-hours. Scott and his team know it's all about speed-to-lead, and they built their process around it. "As soon as the lead comes in, [Jessica Evans, Production Partner on Scott's team,] is calling them, she's texting them, she's following up with them." And it's not only when the lead is generated. Scott recognizes that speed-to-lead (or applicant) is crucial at every stage in the mortgage process. "When [Jessica] sends out an application, she immediately sends me a text or chat with the client's phone number. I'll follow up with a text to them, right away."


Scott has seen a 100% response rate when texting applicants right after they receive the application, but that wasn't always the case. "We were previously emailing them with no responses," he says, "so we adjusted and thought we'd try texting. It's been great! We've gotten a response back from every single person." Which goes to show, it's not just about getting to the lead quickly, but how you get to the lead that's important. Communicating with your customers the way they want to be communicated with is huge when it comes to engagement. Texting has eight times the response rate of email, and studies show that, on average, it takes a consumer only 90 seconds to respond to a text and 90 minutes to respond to an email. 


With CINC Pro Lender, Scott and Jessica are able to email and text their leads directly from the CINC system. That way, each communication is logged, and kept with the lead history. This collaboration is an integral part of Scott's team's success. The whole team is able to work together in one place and see each step in the process for each lead thanks to CINC's robust conversion engine. "The CRM is great," he says. "It's super user friendly and easy to navigate. I can notify [my whole team] in it, and they can see all the notes, status updates, and conversations that have been had." 

The Future with CINC

"You guys go above and beyond," Scott says, reflecting on his time with CINC. "I know I have an ROI... that, for me, is a huge success." He loves the one-on-one calls, training, and personal service that comes with the top-of-the-line technology. When asked about his future business growth, Scott says, "CINC is going to be with me. I love them. I now have plans to be able to expand out into different cities and states with CINC platforms in each location!"

Ready to join Scott and start generating exclusive leads for your mortgage business today? Join CINC Pro Lender now!


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This Blog Post was Written by Jordan Fisher

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