How to Use Mobile Apps to Drive Higher Conversion

Out of convenience and necessity, high performing real estate teams are using their mobile devices to run their businesses more than ever before.  And with mobile reliance increasing daily, a new question arises... HOW are high performing real estate agents using mobile technology to take their businesses to the next level? The answer, while complicated, is critical to the success of any agent.

mobile_craig-01 copy.pngHere Craig Dixon, Sr. Product Manager at Commissions Inc (CINC) describes the nuanced ways in which mobile capabilities are helping CINC clients close more deals and manage their real estate businesses from anywhere. 

There’s no denying that home buyers and seekers are focused on mobile, so it naturally follows that high-performing brokers and agents are as well. And because real estate agents are charged with managing each and every aspect of their business, it’s no surprise that they’re also seeking a mobile solution to help them manage their team’s growth. But with a seemingly infinite amount of potential technology solutions at their fingertips, it’s a challenge for real estate professionals to even know where to start.


Luckily we know that the key to keeping agents performing at a high level is by making sure that all of the mobile solutions they rely on to run their business are working seamlessly together as a “mobile ecosystem”. That is to say, all of the technologies and solutions that they’re using should “talk to each other”, given that they perform all of the functions that are essential to running their business. Our product team’s approach to making sure our mobile solutions do just that is by assessing the major cogs that keep the broker’s business running, and then adopting and developing mobile technologies that support those functions. The result? High performing real estate agents with businesses driven by mobile technology. Here’s how:

Manage Your Leads via Mobile

Real estate professionals often interact with thousands of potential leads within very short periods of time, and every real estate pro knows how important it is to capture every lead’s information regardless of if he/she is actively seeking a home. But when the true conversion magic is contingent on the lead follow up strategy, the nature of manually following up with those leads can be incredibly daunting. Manually following up on each and every individual lead ultimately results in burnout and inevitably loss of potential business. So how do you avoid it?

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This is where having a good mobile customer relationship management (CRM) platform can help. Using a good CRM with mobile capabilities  will not only help house collected leads, but also automate follow up strategy. This is an element that pays dividends over time because it allows agents to cover their bases with a consistent follow up to leads, no matter where they are in the home search process... And best of all, this can all be managed within a mobile app on the agent’s mobile device.

Why should YOU go mobile?

It is imperative that real estate agents work to become experts in leveraging mobile technology into their everyday business operations. As more and more millennials enter the home buying market, real estate agents will be expected to offer mobile technology solutions throughout the home search process. Those who do not keep up will inevitably face major headwinds as mobile technology usage continues to gain popularity. With mobile, you will stay ahead of the game, impress your clients, and most importantly close more real estate deals.

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This Blog Post was Written by Brandy Commodore

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