Indie Broker Invests in Tech & Learns a Lesson in Customer Service (as featured in Real Trends)

This month, in an interview with Brittiny Howard of The Brittiny Howard Realty Group, Real Trends explored how investing in technology early on as an Indie Broker was critical to her team's growth from $3.1 million in her first year, to over $10 million the following year. Read on as Real Trends details Brittiny's journey.

B_howie.pngInvesting in Her Business

Brittiny Howard, CEO of The Brittiny Howard Realty Group in Denham Springs, Louisiana, started in real estate in March 2015 on the advice of a friend. Now, she has a three-person team, and the brokerage has two agents, an inside sales agent and an office manager. “I was an entrepreneur before I got into real estate, so it’s easy for me to understand that you need to invest in lead generation,” she says. By June, she started with the CINC (Commissions Inc) platform and soon after, she hired a coach. “I went from doing $3.1 million my first year to over $10 million last year,” she says. That’s because, she says, “CINC is more than a CRM and lead generation tool.” In fact, Howard is excited about the possibilities of predictive analytics and is working with CINC and Agent Legend, a service that allows agents to combine the drip campaign from CINC with personalized voice, text and email messages.

Drip Campaigns

“I’m just starting to get into email drip campaigns on a deeper level,” says Howard. Each campaign lasts six to eight weeks and is fully automated and personalized to each customer. “CINC has automated action plans we launch based on where customers are in our pipeline. These are easy to use, and are managed by our inside sales person and office manager. CINC’s tools and features let our agents focus their time first and foremost on serving our customers.” And, it’s working. “I was an early converter. I converted a lead from a drip campaign after two days. Since then, I’ve closed over 50 CINC deals. CINC has paid for itself for years to come.”


In addition to using the drip campaigns for customers and prospective customers, Howard uses them for new hires. “When a new hire comes on, they get a congratulations email. Then, for the next six weeks, they get an email each week that links them to a training module that they can do online, such as, ‘Watch a Webinar.’” Howard uses this as a supplement to the in-person training each new hire receives.

Giving Back


Everyone remembers the big storms: Katrina, Harvey and Irma. However, smaller storms can be just as destructive. Howard shared that, “Our area of Louisiana flooded last year because it just didn’t stop raining. So, two days after finishing my kitchen renovation, I had to have my house gutted because it flooded,” says Howard. “CINC sent crews down to help me clean up and get back on my feet. There’s a real family behind the company.”

The fact that CINC team members came to help her after her home flooded is something that impacted her deeply and matches her own personal values. As someone fully entrenched in her community, after her town flooded, she and her office team put together a list of people who they thought would need a Thanksgiving turkey. “These were people we knew who didn’t have kitchens. I didn’t have a kitchen either,” she says. Howard asked a local grocery store if they would cook the turkeys, and then she would distribute them. She also put a note on Facebook telling people to contact her if they were in need. “I delivered almost 100 turkeys that year. Next year, I’ll get someone to help me or arrange a distribution point,” she laughs. “But, I met wonderful people and it was amazing. What is the point of selling real estate if you can’t help someone?”


Not only is Howard entrenched in her community, but she believes strongly in helping others, no matter where they live. She recently spent a week helping hurricane victims in Houston. “A group of us loaded a trailer full of supplies and distributed them. We thought we’d be gutting houses, but most of that was done by the time we got there.”


Howard views CINC as a unique partner for her business. “CINC has proven that their company culture is one that meshes with mine. And, the service works. It’s nice to know that there are companies out there that still care about their customers personally.”

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This Blog Post was Written by Brandy Commodore

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