Goodbye Paper Forms. Hello Automation. Introducing OpenHouses By CINC

open-houses-by-cinc-app-icon-final.pngIn the world of software, a trend toward prioritizing product development has been evolving over the past decade. As Fullstory highlighted in this article, the software companies with the best products will thrive, specifically those that have a focus on customer experience. CINC has completely jumped on board with this trend and, along with constantly improving our product to give you the best possible experience, we listen to your pain points and introduce new features and products to make your life easier. That's why we are excited to announce our newest mobile app, Open Houses by CINC.

Open Houses allows you to capture leads quickly and seamlessly while running an open house. Say goodbye to pen and paper and manually entering open house visitors into your CINC platform.

Key Features include:

  • IMG_0046Quickly and easily launch a new open house
  • Allow visitors to sign-in on their own
  • Auto import visitors into your CINC CRM and assign visitors to the agent hosting the open house
  • Ask qualification questions as visitors register including, "Are you pre-qualified for a mortgage?" and "Do you have a home to sell?"
  • Capture an attendee roster for open house properties and filter leads based on open house attendance
  • Automatically enroll visitors into Property Detail Alert Emails and other communication plans
  • ...and more!

The Open Houses by CINC app is currently only available for use on an Apple iPad. Once the app is downloaded, login using the same email and password you use to access your CINC account.








For more information and our Quick Start guide, click here.

This Blog Post was Written by Lindsay Britt

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