Lead Generation Trends & Tactics to Close More Deals (1 of 2)

As a successful real estate agent, you understand that it's not just about the leads but the best practices to convert your leads into clients. Recently, the members of the CINC Team shared valuable insight on online lead trends and the tactics to convert online leads. The content shared during this one-hour webinar will be recapped into two blog posts. Part One (this week) focuses on online lead generation trends, and Part Two (next week) will focus on the mindset you need to deploy to make more money.

Online Lead Generation Trends

Dan Lott, Head of Client Marketing, and Harry Kierbow, Senior Director of Client Marketing, introduced key trends within paid search and paid social lead generation (Google, Facebook, and Instagram) to begin the webinar. Within the Client Marketing Team, there are more than 100+ years of professional experience in digital marketing. These years of experience benefit CINC clients as they have access to different advertising solutions for every step in the lead funnel.


Social/Search Buyer Cost Per Lead

Cost Per Lead for Paid Search & Paid Social Chart

Trend lines for both paid social and paid search have mirrored one another the past two years. During the nationwide shutdown and changes in social habits, more consumers were using online methods to find homes. 

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Buyer Lead Cost and Median Home Sales Price

CINC Cost per Lead & Median Home Sales Price Graphs 2015-2021

The CINC paid search (Google) cost per lead has improved 42% in the past six years. In the same period, the median home sales price has increased by 30%. The connection between these two data points underscores the value online leads have to real estate agents.

Sellers Blast Off

CINC Seller Lead Client Adoption Graphs

Within today's market securing listings are the focus for many agents. At CINC, we provide buyer lead generation and seller lead generation, and demand for seller leads has increased significantly.

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What's Next?

One of CINC's core values is we innovate and constantly improve. Clients using CINC's lead generation efforts can continue to expect this value will benefit their business as the Client Marketing Team focuses on:

  • Constant testing based on new trends and market information
  • Continuous reinvestment into Research and Development
  • Pledge to find new ways to drive quality leads at the lowest price possible.

Watch the full presentation below.


This Blog Post was Written by Jamie Quenzer

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