Mastering the Art of Marketing to Millennial Homebuyers

Ready for the year of the millennial home buyer? It's time to start wrapping your head around your strategies for generating millennial leads as the largest generation quickly approaches the perfect age for becoming a homebuyer. Now 2019 may not be the year that all millennials take the dive into one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives, but we anticipate that many millennials will we be taking the leap. As a real estate agent, do you know where to find the millennials that are ready? Online.  

2018 Millennial Recap


Before we launch into your 2019 action plan, let's look at the home buying history of millennials in 2018. 99% of millennials began their search online. Let's take a moment and let that stat sink in. Now here comes another staggering stat, 56% of millennials reported finding their home on a mobile device. Let's be clear, the internet and technology wouldn't be replacing any real estate agents, but real estate agents that use the internet and technology to power them will be seated at the closing table.

Buying a home is one of the largest financial decisions anyone makes so the guidance of a professional is always going to be necessary. Millennials, above any other generation, reported that their weakness in finding their dream home was the sheer volume of of paperwork and grasping the process. Enter you, the expert real estate agent, to ease those concerns! Again, the internet isn't cutting you out on the millennial home buying process, just helping you on the front end of the home search journey. 


What Are Millennials Looking For?

In the digital age, content is king, and it's time to create content that hones in on attracting your targeted audiences. What content are you posting? Listings. Millennials want to see a plethora of photos and see the highlights of the properties. The emphasis on photos should not be a surprise since the millennial social media platform of choice is instagram. Get into the mindset that a picture is worth a thousand words... and a commission!

Along with that present them with a snapshot of the property's highlights. Answer those quick and important questions for them: How many bedrooms and bathrooms? What style home? Is the kitchen updated? Is there a walk-in closet? You get the picture (see what we did there). CINC's website theme Castle is a great example of how to effectively list a property that caters to the millennial audience. 

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 How do I take my Millennial from Hello to Congrats?

Trying to attract millennials will take time, energy, a number of resources, and of course, technology. Partnering with a technology company that powers you and your business to reach the closing table faster could be the edge you're looking for. You've got a goal, CINC has a team of marketing experts, and ready to reach your goal with you!  



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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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