Mobile Facebook Ads: Real Estate Marketers Who Are Getting it Right

In our latest blog post, CINC's Facebook lead ads expert, Harry Kierbow, discussed the nuanced ways in which Facebook's custom audiences can help improve your conversion rates. Next up in the third installment of Harry's 4 Tips for Optimizing Your Real Estate Facebook Ads, we walk through the ways in which mobile is disrupting Facebook lead ad best practices, and specifically, how CINC's real estate marketing team increased mobile conversion rates for our clients by more than 200% this year! I'll let Harry take it from here...

 Mobile Facebook Ads: Real Estate Marketing Done Right

I always have my phone… except that one time when I put it on airplane mode and threw it in the air…

According to recent statistics released by Facebook, 56% of Facebook users access the social network exclusively through mobile. Now, 56% might sound strangely underwhelming – until you consider the sheer size of Facebook. This isn’t 56% of 500 users, it’s 56% of 1.86 billion users. I did the math for you – that’s about 1.055 billion people accessing Facebook exclusively on mobile. In other words, if you aren’t designing your ads and content with mobile in mind, you’re missing out on a YUGE market segment.


Towards the last conversion_CINC.pnghalf of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, our CINC client marketing team did an overhaul of our Facebook marketing strategy with an emphasis on increasing mobile results, where traffic (and clicks) are cheaper. And by taking a cohesive look at the entire mobile experience, our team has managed to increase mobile conversion rates by more than 200%. This means our clients are getting more leads at a better cost, and (most importantly) closing more deals than ever through Facebook.



Our Recommendation: When designing landing pages and ad creative, think about how someone would progress through these steps to convert not only on a computer, but also on a mobile device. Also, try using Facebook’s ad previews (you can adjust to see a preview on mobile as well as desktop) to make sure your ads are displaying correctly for mobile users.

Stay tuned for Harry's next blog post on Facebook lead ad best practices, where he'll describe how focusing on the right ad performance metrics translates into your closing more deals.

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