2 Mobile Tools No Real Estate Agent Should Be Without

In the fast-paced world of real estate, more and more teams are using their mobile devices as the primary way to run their businesses on the go. And your ability to manage your business from anywhere is an absolute necessity in an industry where speed to lead is critical. Why? Because if you want the ability to reach your leads fast, you have to be able to do so on-the-go via a mobile device and through mobile applications.


Here Craig Dixon, Sr. Product Manager at CINC describes the industry-leading ways in which mobile capabilities are helping CINC clients close more deals and manage their real estate businesses from anywheremobile_craig.jpg



Facilitating an open house? Let mobile technology do the work for you... 

In addition to utilizing a mobile CRM platform to reach their leads faster, savvy and successful real estate professionals now use mobile apps to facilitate open houses. Long gone are the days of manual sign in sheets lying in the foyer. Instead, tech savvy agents are allowing attendees to register at the open house through the mobile app via a phone or tablet. With this approach, all attendee information entered and collected within the app itself is then auto-routed to the agent’s CRM. The CRM mobile app creates the new lead record for the agent, automatically assigning a follow-up plan, making follow up automated, seamless and hassle free. By using this method, agents are continuously engaging homeseekers without any additional effort, and this type of business automation pays dividends over time allowing the agent to continuously follow up with thousands of leads with minimal effort. This is the golden ticket, that has helped CINC propel average agents into the elite realm.


Offer Your Own Home Search App

Now let’s say that you’re already a mobile pro, and you have your CRM mobile app, and Open House app working in tandem, when a lead responses with an inquiry about furthering their home search with you. Tech savvy real estate agents truly impress clients by offering their homeseekers the ability to use the agent’s personal home search mobile app. It works just as any standard home search mobile app, but the kicker is that the home search app is also connected to the CRM app (see a theme here?). The advantage being that every single action taken by the lead, from viewing properties, to taking notes, to refining their search, the agent and client remain connected throughout the entire home search process through the mobile apps. The agent receives CRM app notifications when a client “likes” a property, or even when a note is added about a property. Clients can even communicate directly through the home search app to the agent through chat messages, request a property showing, or even share a property that is of interest. The possibilities are endless and most importantly, the client feels as though the agent is there for them every step of the way, because you are.

Why should YOU go mobile?

It is imperative that real estate agents work to become experts in leveraging mobile technology into their everyday business operations. As more and more millennials enter the home buying market, real estate agents will be expected to offer mobile technology solutions throughout the home search process. Those who do not keep up will inevitably face major headwinds as mobile technology usage continues to spike. Stay ahead of the game, impress your clients, and most importantly close more real estate deals. 

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