Nurture Emails to Drive More Real Estate Business

Engage, nurture, and sell all through email! 77% of consumers prefer to receive a permission-based email, so use this time to ensure you have the proper emails set up to automate your compelling communications to reach your audience when necessary. What email campaigns should you have set up? Glad you asked! AutoTracks, CINC's newest communication tool, allows you to activate automatic nurture email campaigns to free up your time! Each of these campaigns is already pre-built in the CINC platform - you can use them or customize to fit your company's brand voice. 

Before we dive into the necessary emails to have automated...

Make sure each email follows these quick tips: 

  • Be brief and concise. Most readers will skim your email, so make sure you deliver your message without flooding them with too many details or options.
  • Personalize your emails. This step is easy! Make sure to use their name and deliver content that you know is relevant to them (meaning send your first time home buyer lead information on home buying instead of selling their home).
  • Provide a CTA (Call to Action). Our goal is to close more deals, so make sure you communicate the next steps. Try finding a time to set an appointment or have them call or text you back. 
  • CINC Clients have access to these campaigns in your CINC platform. All CINC clients have access to pre-built campaigns in your platform. 



Everyone loves to celebrate their birthday, so make sure that, if you have that data, you are making your clients feel special as well! This is an excellent communication check in after the sale has closed. You'll be nurturing those former clients to ensure they are repeat customers! 



Help the homeowner or seller celebrate their anniversary with a quick note to remind them you are thinking of them on this historic day! This will keep your name in the forefront of their real estate needs or their friends!


Holiday Emails

These emails are one of our favorites because you can easily set it and forget it. U.S. and Canada national holidays are included within the CINC platform to fit your market's needs. 

long term nurture

Long Term Nurture 

Sometimes, buyers and sellers find their way into your database, but they're not ready to take that next step! Nurturing them allows you to provide your leads consistent and educational information. That way, when they are prepared to move forward, you have been steadily given them information and are seen as that subject matter expert who they now trust to guide them through this big life change! 



Another great email to send to past clients or your sphere so you can keep generating leads. People are more likely to take a friend's referral and advice! Keep in touch with your sphere because they may have your next client.  

COVID-19- campaigns

COVID-19 Campaigns 

Our communities are working hard to stay connected and support each other during these uncertain times. Recently, we created specific AutoTracks to allow you to be sensitive during this time while checking in and nurturing your SOI, New Seller, New Buyer, and Inactive Buyer contacts. 


This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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