On Your Side: Selling Homes While Working From Home

Mindset is king in moments of uncertainty. During the past two weeks, everyone on our team has stepped up to help one another. (Even if it means waiting on a call for a dad to tell his kids to stop fighting in the background.) As we all continue through this period and find a new normal, the CINC Team is here to help! CINC has compiled scripts for emails and calls, tips to incorporating video into your communications, and positive quotes to keep you encouraged at this time!

Scripting & Calls to Address the Uncertainty Right Now

Instead of using LPMAMA Scripts (Location, Price, Motivation, working w/ another Agent, Mortgage & Appointment/transition) or other conversation strategies, we've found these three basic questions are critical. 

Questions to engage your prospects while on calls:

  1. How are you doing today?
  2. How are you feeling right now?
  3. What can I do to help you and your family?

It's important to remember you are not only the neighborhood expert but also the neighborhood connector. You can help a home buyer connect to a teacher or an accountant or another community leader. In your conversations with prospects and your sphere of influence, keep it simple and focus on the person's most significant needs TODAY. 


Example Email Template to Connect with Prospects

It's essential to be original to you, but here's an example on how to engage prospects. Starting today, all CINC clients now have access to 4 new email templates & AutoTracks. Login to your platform to review & start sending.

Subject Line: I'm here to help answer any questions you have! 

Body Copy: 

Hey <First Name>, 

The news today makes it difficult to predict the future, but I want to let you know I'm here to help. Is there anything, in particular, you are looking for within this <<neighborhood/market>>? I can answer questions that you can't find on Google or Zillow, which I am happy to share with you!   

If you have needs during the pandemic, I'm glad to be a resource. My cell is <<XXX-XXX-XXXX>>. We have a great community, which I know will continue to support one another.  


<Agent’s Name>

Tips for Incorporating Video into Your Communications

As everyone is moving to a virtual setting, now is the best time to incorporate video into your marketing. Video can be intimidating, but here are a few best practices: 

  • The orientation of your phone is essential. If you are using video in a live setting, make sure your phone is vertical. If you are using video in a recorded video, keep it horizontal.
  • Make sure you have a reliable internet connection. If you have multiple family members streaming live content, ask them to take a break during your live presentation.
  • Lighting is important. No one wants to see you in a dark room or cave. 
  • Be original! Very few people love watching themselves on camera. Keep it authentic and limit yourself to two takes.

CINC now offers video in texting & email! If you are interested in learning more & are not a current client. Request a Demo now

3 Success Stories That You Can Replicate

It's important to have perspective and hear from agents who are still producing. Here are a couple of recent wins our clients have seen this past week that you can do today:

1) Cut down your budget, but make sure it is the right place(s)! 


2) Keep working your leads:


3) Connect with your real estate community for advice:


Wether you are a member of the CINC Family or not, please reach out to our support team during this time at 855-246-2717.  

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This Blog Post was Written by Jamie Quenzer

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