Quick Tips for Improving Your Online Lead Gen This Quarter

With a brand new custom API just releasing, cost per leads dropping 14+% for our clients this quarter, and Instagram placements now available, it's shaping up to be an exciting and lucrative Q4 for CINC clients. Read on as Harry Kierbow, CINC's Facebook lead ads expert, peels back the curtain to explain how you can take advantage of these new improvements to maximize your lead gen in Q4. 


As we roll into Q4 of 2017, CINC clients are continuing to see incredible results with leads from Facebook’s Lead AdsSince launching this new ad type in late 2016, we’ve seen the following results:

  • Cost per lead for Facebook Lead Ads are the lowest in the portfolio.
  • Leads from Facebook Lead Ads have 90+% valid phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Mobile conversion rates are 250% higher than traditional Facebook link ads.
  • Most importantly, leads from Lead Ads are over 150% more likely than leads from other traditional marketing sources to set an appointment within 60 days of registering on the site.


So does this mean that you should move all of your spend to Facebook Lead Ads? Not without testing it first. What it does mean is that Facebook provides a much higher ROI than it did a year ago. Our recommendation to our clients continues to be diversifying marketing spend across multiple channels to make sure you’re reaching as many potential leads as possible and doing so as efficiently as possible.

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CINC’s New Custom API Lowers CPL 15%

We released Version 4 of our custom API with Facebook’s Lead Ads in August and saw great results. Specifically…

  • Mobile conversion rates increased to 21% - a new record.
  • Facebook cost per lead dropped by almost 15%.

CINC’s proprietary API integration with Facebook’s Lead Ads will port the lead’s information over from Facebook to your CINC CRM and log leads into your site automagically (aka automatically :D). Currently, CINC is the only real estate lead generation and CRM platform that is capable of doing this.

What does this mean to you? It enhances the information you have available as you follow up with your leads. Logging the lead in and tracking site behavior means you’ll be able to see what your leads are actually doing on the site after they convert. As some of my favorite childhood heroes used to say – knowing is half the battle.

This short video shows how the newest version of the API integration works (if you’re familiar with previous versions, this flow is slightly different and more intentional for the lead – which we think will increase overall lead quality):

Instagram Placements Now Available

One of the most exciting benefits of the API update is that CINC Lead Ads now display on Instagram as well as Facebook at no additional cost to you.

With over 600 million Instagram users (400 million of which are active on a daily basis), Instagram has increased the audience size which contributed to last month’s cost per lead decrease. Facebook owns Instagram, so most of the same targeting options available on Facebook are also present on Instagram – meaning we’re still reaching the same types of people, just on a less competitive network. Instagram users have also shown extremely high levels of engagement on the platform – sharing more than 95 million photos and videos and generating over 4 billion ‘Likes’ on average – per day.


A recent study also found that Instagram users spent more time on destination sites than visitors referred from other sources. Traffic referrals from Instagram spent an average of 192 seconds (more than 3 minutes) on site – 45% longer than the average Facebook user’s session and also higher than referrals from email, search engines, and direct traffic. 

We’re excited about adding Instagram targeting into the mix and have already seen a positive influence from this with the massive cost per lead decrease we saw from July to August. We’ll continue to make updates to this portion of our advertising offerings and keep everyone in the loop through our blog and social media channels.

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