Sneak Peek of CINC's Mastermind: Finding Inspiration with 40 of Real Estate's Elite Brokers

nathan-abbottLeading in technology is not the only thing CINC does; we pride ourselves on changing lives. As a CINC client, we provide resources needed to grow your business. Networking within the CINC Community is one of the many favorite features for our clients. You can connect with other CINC platform owners or users and have the opportunity to have an open discussion with real estate industry leaders on best practices for running your own business. 

Joining a Mastermind is a must for any platform owner. Attendees include the top brokers in real estate across the nation. Groups are kept to 40 platform owners, and gather to discuss topics ranging from building and retaining a team to implementing the best practices within the CINC platform. Hear from one of Florida's top performing brokers, Nathan Abbott, as he tells his story about how CINC not only provided the technology to enhance his business but inspired him to revamp his company culture in the process.  

Finding Inspiration

What is a Mastermind?

As a third generation owner of the Destin based business, Nathan Abbott struggled to find the motivation to go to workblog_quote-2 every dayHis work environment was less than pleasant. His team isolated themselves from each other. His core values meant little to him and even less to his team. The combination of these made it difficult for him to find the motivation to go to work each day. He knew something had to change, and found a CINC Mastermind to attend focusing on company culture and values. After hearing from real estate's elite leaders at the Mastermind, Abbott took to heart the impact of how a concrete set of core values can inspire a company to push to take it to the next level.

With a renewed sense of ownership in his company,  he spent the next six months internalizing and identifying the values that were important to him. Once he identified the values that were important to him, he launched the new core values and almost instantly it gave his company a breath of fresh air. Almost overnight, the culture improved. The employees began to create and reinforce the trusting environment that Abbott longed for. “The team is on board for me, and I’m on board for them too!” exclaimed Abbott. Every morning he wakes up ready to get the day started and is proud of his team's transformation. They hold each other (and him) accountable to protect the environment they worked to build. 

Owning the Market

Powered by CINC technology and a new company, Abbott states that he has “never looked back since joining CINC. I’ve been through a lot of CRM and lead programs, but CINC has more than anyone else.” He has learned many life lessons but also been able to dominate in his market. While he knows changes are coming for the industry (and market), his partnership with CINC and CINC community resources have allowed him to make sure he and his team are in a good place. They don't fear any of the changes that are on the horizon. CINC has given them the right tools and training to prepare for anything that the industry throws at them. 

"No one else can tap into our market. Because of CINC we have our finger on the pulse." Our team of marketing experts are happy to help you dominate in your market and target consumers whether they registered on your website or not. The team discusses with you what your goals are and then identify the solutions that would help engage your market. 


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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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