Success in CINC: Client Spotlight on Matt Elkind

A huge part of our culture at CINC is encouraging our clients to collaborate with one another to grow their businesses and their commissions in the process. Last month, CINC hosted our most recent client Mastermind in Park City, Utah, where top producing agents and brokers from all over the United States and Canada tackled the most pressing issues facing the real estate industry.

This week we’re spotlighting, Matt Elkind, managing director and co-founder of Insider Condo Club (ICC) and co-founder of Connect Asset Management in Toronto, ON. Matt’s experience in leveraging investor partnerships and his ability to closely manage his team has already led to 10 CINC closings in 6 months, with even more to come in the pipeline! Matt shared the secret’s behind his team’s success in Utah, and we’re peeling back the curtain to reveal the steps you can take to replicate his success as well!


Beginning his career in the world of finance as a hedge fund strategist and an investment advisor, Matt’s approach to real estate was unique: identify high net worth clients who built most of their wealth through real estate investments. Wanting to build his own wealth, Matt decided to leave the rigid world of finance to enter the entrepreneurial real estate industry.  

Matt Elkind-QuoteExperiencing success early on, Matt attributes his growth to using a unique financial model to work with his clients, applying investment strategies and analysis to the real estate sphere. For example, his team provides investment research to explain the logic behind WHY a home buyer is looking to purchase in a particular neighborhood. “When you’re buying the house of your dreams, you have to look at costs,” Matt said. “If you crunch the numbers properly, you can make some realistic projections and it’s great for sales because you’re moving from emotional decision-making to intelligent decision-making.”

Matt is also a major proponent of utilizing technology in the real estate gameHe wanted a system that would automatically replicate the successful follow-up from his past events while also providing visibility into how his team was performing. Matt does not have any immediate plans to grow his team and knows that technology provides the capability to work smarter, not harder. Advancing technology allows for an expedited sales process. With its drip campaigns, text reminders, and tools to nurture leads, Matt found that CINC was the best fit for him and his team. For team accountability, the CINC dashboard provides Matt with insight into how many calls, emails, and texts are being made, which directly translates into ROI for his technology investment. His ability to closely manage his team and incorporate strategic follow up has already led to 10 CINC closings in 6 months with more to come in the pipeline! But even beyond the bells and whistles of the platform, when asked, Matt’s most prized value from CINC is the community.

Matt_Community“I went to a CINC Mastermind in Park City, Utah and learned so much about hiring, social media marketing, and management,” says Matt. Having the ability to take those presentations back to Toronto, where he and his team could download the content and begin executing against the best practices is the true competitive advantage. “There’s a willingness to share within the CINC community that’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I love that I have access to people who are finding success with CINC who are sharing their best practices with me. As valuable as the technology is, the community is what we love.”  


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This Blog Post was Written by Hayden Sloan, Brandy Commodore

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