Success in CINC: Here's how June saw CINC's highest lead-to-appointment ratio with Facebook lead ads...

Facebook_quoteFacebook recently took note of how CINC uses Facebook's services to tie in with our CRM platform to create a powerful tool for our clients. Facebook told the story of one of our real estate agents in Henry County, Georgia and how they trusted our team of marketing experts to create a successful Facebook campaign to generate leads and manage them through our CRM to get them to the closing table. Through this Facebook campaign, this client saw a 5.8% lead to appointment ratio and even a 25X return on the campaign. 

With two billion users every month, Facebook is a powerful tool to generate leads. Facebook advertising is a must for every real estate agents toolbox. If you aren’t seeing results with Facebook advertising, you can spend countless hours attempting to identify the error(s). CINC's team of in-house marketing experts are focused on mastering Facebook’s ever-changing lead ads to keep your CINC platform full of leads, so you can focus on what you do best, selling houses. Our best practices are our clients' best practices. 

Tying it All Together

Our client marketing team starts with creating customized buyer personas that fit your market and customers through Facebook's core audience. We then craft personalized Facebook ads that speaks to each of those personas. The buyer leads generated through the Facebook campaign are then directed to your fully integrated IDX website. Once on your site, they register giving the user full access to CINC’s property holdings and you the desired information. Our  high performing websites convert your visitors to leads and then are automatically included in your CRM to be nurtured. While exploring the listings on your site, the buyers’ behavioral patterns are tracked to help you better engage your clients with each communication and get your leads to the closing table. 


Driven by the wants and needs of our clients, CINC provides real estate agents with a platform that is an all-in-one conversion engine that manages the most time-consuming part of being a real estate agent. We provide you with the tools you need to market to your target audience, generate quality leads, and nurture relationships. Our platform works seamlessly with the most popular platforms to reach the largest audience possibly. 

Want to hear even more guidance from CINC's Facebook Advertising Pros? Download our FREE FACEBOOK MARKETING PLAN featuring a step-by-step guide to targeting sellers in a market utilizing video ads on Facebook. 

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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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