How to Take Control of Your Indie Brokerage: A Success Story (As featured in Real Trends)

In an exclusive interview in Real Trends December 2017 issue, CEO and principal broker of Global Property Systems, Vanessa Saunders, reveals how she went from working to keep her Independent Brokerage afloat, to growing to a team of 29 sales associates! Check out the full article below where Vanessa reveals the key role that CINC's tools and unique culture and community played in the growth and success of her indie brokerage. 

Vanessa_profile.pngFor business leader Vanessa Saunders, her lead generation company offers more than just leads. It’s the culture of networking, help and collaboration that makes all the difference. For years, Vanessa Saunders, CEO and principal broker of Global Property Systems, headquartered in White Plains, NY, traveled the world as the senior vice president of global marketing and operations for George P. Johnson Group (GPJ), a large event and experience marketing company. 

“It was GPJ who sponsored my board position at the World Trade Centers Association,” says Saunders, who found her office and life upended in the wake of the 9/11 tragedies. “In the middle of the night in December 2001, I decided I wanted to be a Realtor®,” she says. Things were going well until 2012 when she lost her house on the Hudson River to Hurricane Sandy. “We were hit hard financially. Insurance didn’t cover flood damage, and all of our savings were tied up in the brokerage.” 

Determined to get back on her feet and keep the brokerage afloat, she decided to retool her business plan and start recruiting more agents in order to grow. With her business acumen and leadership experience in corporate America, she knew the way to do this was to find a system that offered a quality product with a personal touch. That’s when she discovered CINC (Commissions Inc). “They made it work for us, and we started seeing exponential growth,” says Saunders.“We went from purely a listing brokerage to attracting agents. CINC became our agent training machine,” she adds. That training was all part of the culture of opportunity that CINC (Commissions Inc) offered, and Saunders appreciated from the beginning.

 It’s About the Family

To Saunders, CINC is much more than a lead generation system. “It’s about the family—from other platform owners to the CINC team, everyone is open and collaborative,”she says. “I’m always gleaning new information from their training. They have many modules from beginner to expert.” But, it’s the in-person networking that means the most to her. In particular, CINC University events. “I send the majority of my residential teams to these events. My agents are exceptionally ahead of the trends because of the knowledge they receive there.”

“When a CINC platform owner has a need, the CINC team endeavors to make the need a reality.” The best part, she says, is that they know her by name. “We get involved in each other’s lives. I am not a ticket or number. When I call, they ask me about my dog or mention something I posted on the Facebook Group. It makes such a difference. They’ve mastered the ability to be personal.”


In-person Networking

Not only that, but the events held by CINC offer a rare opportunity to network with other platform users. “The 2017 CINC Client Summit in Las Vegas was like a family reunion. Every session I attend gave me the opportunity to learn something new, make a new business friend or dig in with the programmers to find out what’s coming in the next year. The collaboration between the young tech staff and the platform owners is so much greater than the sum of the two groups independently.” she said.

As an independent broker, Saunders notes, it’s vital to have people she can talk to about business challenges. “We all trust each other, even the platform users in my own market. We pass each other referrals,” she says. “It has empowered me in so many ways.”

Taking Online Offline

When it comes to continuing the relationships made with platform owners, Saunders looks to the private CINC Users Facebook Group. “I have three screens on my desk and the Facebook Group is up on one screen all the time. It’s great for incoming and outgoing referrals, inspirational stories, and sharing ideas,” she says. On the group page, platform owners ask for help and advice. “At least weekly, I end up taking the conversation offline and talk to someone I haven’t met who is starting with the CINC (Commissions Inc) platform.”


Overall, says Saunders, CINC is so much more than a great lead generation service and CRM. “I don’t think any othercompany has this type of sharing culture. I’ve been in the business world a long time and this personal touch is special. I grew to 29 sales associates because the CINC tools and community walked me through it every step of the way.”

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This Blog Post was Written by Brandy Commodore

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