The #1 RE/MAX Team in the World in Closed Transactions Relies on CINC: Here's Why

 Join us as we sit down with Ryan O'Neill as he shares his secrets on how he remains the #1 Real Estate Team Leader in the state of Minnesota. 

Ryan O'Neill-Broker of the Minnesota Real Estate Team of RE/MAX

What are some of your best practices you use and what is mission critical to get leads generated?  

Our team's philosophy for lead generation is finding people anywhere we can. We advertise on Facebook and Google through CINC, host weekly radio shows, and hold educational seminars. Since 2011, CINC's Facebook and Google advertising services have taken us absolutely above and beyond with lead generation. As you start generating leads, remember you're catching people at various phases of the process. Think of an Amazon factory where there's a package traveling through the factory. It starts on a conveyor belt in the back of the factory, and eventually it's got to go all the way around that factory on the conveyor belt before it gets out to the truck and shipped off. You may be catching consumers anywhere in the home buying process. Agents who excel in this business are the people that build relationships with those folks and provide valueYou're getting those opportunities to actually provide value to people. Finding those folks, catching them at some phase in the process, building rapport, and then eventually it leads to a sale. I really can't stress enough, whether current or potential customers, CINC is a fantastic platform that allows you to throw that net into the ocean and catch as many potential prospects to then work.

How do you stay in front of business and nurture leads that aren't ready today?  

priscilla-du-preez-216790-unsplashWith the CINC platform, we have everyone set up an email or text drip campaign. In today's world text is extremely effective. I encourage you to set up a CINC drip campaign. And again, my philosophy with this is to drip people indefinitely. When I say indefinitely, I do mean indefinitely and it’s not coming from a sales standpoint: “Hey can I sell your house today” or “Hey are you looking to buy or sell today.” People don't like that kind of messaging. My recommendation for a successful drip campaign is make them soft, friendly, and value based. You're here to help that person. We convert so much business and often times we find they came in years ago. Tools within CINC, like text message drip and the email drip, are very effective to nurturing your leads.

Once the lead is ready, how do you close the lead?

rawpixel-659479-unsplashYou have to believe you genuinely provide a great service and that you're going to help them. If you can physically meet leads, that is the key and when we see conversion go through the roof. If you can, meet them at a local coffee shop then keep it fun and friendly. Buy them a cup of coffee, take an interest in them, and get to know them. This business is all about building relationships. We're not selling anything. The best agents across the country are killing it with building relationships with people.

How are you and your team preparing for the market shift with technology?

When you have a technology like CINC, there is nothing to fear! Where I see technology sometimes going awry is when people spend so much time on the shiny object or the new latest and greatest widget that's going to 'make them millions of dollars.’ From my experience, this is a hard job. It's time consuming, but it can be incredibly rewarding. I always look at technology as how does this help me build relationships. If it does, it's something that I will really take part in and look at seriously. We, as agents, always have to be cautious because the latest and greatest widget doesn't mean you're going to sell more real estate.


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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson, Brandy Commodore

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