The #1 Tech Partner Lenders Need to Drive Purchase Business

Re-fi business comes and goes, but purchase business has staying power. As a lender, you need new ways to consistently drive purchase business. But how can you compete against online giants spending millions on marketing? Internet leads can be difficult to generate and harder to work, especially if you’re new to internet lead generation. 

Your solution: CINC Pro Lender. CINC’s first product made specifically for lenders to give them control of their online lead generation. Since 2011, CINC has been the authority in real estate online lead generation, and CINC Pro Lender was built to fundamentally flip the sales funnel for mortgage and lending professionals. Now, generate exclusive mortgage purchase leads to help drive your business into this new market.

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CINC Pro Lender Puts You in the Lead Generation Driver Seat 

By flipping the lead gen funnel, the CINC Pro Lender platform gives you, the lender, the opportunity to control your pipeline by working direct-to-consumer leads. Through CINC's hyper-local lead generation, the power of the platform is realized long-term as you gain the ability to build a strong pipeline that grows daily, even while you are sleeping. Our best-in-class conversion engine is also designed to help you save time by automating your follow up tasks.

The Lender Tech Partner That You've Been Missing

Here at CINC, we pride ourselves on not just being a technology provider, but a true technology partner who provides you with the best solution money can buy. With our unique training approach, we connect you with a mortgage industry expert who gives best practices and secrets to working online leads and the CINC Pro Lender solution successfully. Coupled with a dedicated account manager, CINC Pro Lender provides its clients with an unrivaled level of support.

CINC's Proven Success

CINC has been a leader in residential real estate lead generation and CRM software with over 50,000 top producing agents and teams as clients. CINC Pro Lender is CINC’s first product made to put the lender in control of the lead, throughout their home-buying process. From home search, to loan origination, all the way through closing, CINC Pro Lender keeps you, the lender, at the center of the transaction. 

How it Works

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The CINC Pro Lender Advantage

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Best-in-Class Targeted Online Marketing: Our industry-leading expert client marketing team uses CINC's unique, hyper-local, long-form approach to generate exclusive purchase leads at a lower cost per lead to you.

Integrated Lead Management Dashboard: Our system helps nurture your leads automatically, and lets you work the leads on your behalf. With CINC's top-of-the-line mobile app, run your business and stay in touch with hot leads on-the-go.

Grow Your Reach: Our exclusive lead generation ensures that any lead generated by your CINC Pro Lender platform is yours and yours alone. Gone are the days of paying top dollar for leads to be sold to 3-5 other lenders. CINC Pro Lender puts you in control while constantly innovating to provide you a lower cost per lead. Connect and form relationships with consumers who previously would not have been in your organic network. 

Want a Sneak Peak into the Most Anticipated New CINC Pro Lender Product Feature?

Introducing exclusive mortgage purchase leads! With this enhancement, lenders can now get exclusively connected with consumers searching for mortgages online, and CONTROL THEIR LEADS like never before.

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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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