The Leading Real Estate App to Guide Your Leads from Hello to Congratulations

Etta, CINC's branded app built for CINC Clients, allows you, the agent, to establish your digital relationship with all your leads. Discover, discuss, and organize every detail of your consumer's home search experience. With just one click of a button, you can empower your leads to personalize their home search experience with the ability to search all properties available through your site and communicate with you directly to get immediate feedback on properties. 

Seamlessly Own your Leads

Never lose your leads to another agent again! Etta ensures that you are the sole point of contact with your lead throughout their mobile home search experience. While other applications display a variety of agents to contact every time a lead views a property, but Etta ensures your lead stays exclusively focused on you. 


Easily Message & Recommend Properties

It's even easier to stay up-to-date with your leads as they search your MLS. You can message to get immediate feedback and updates while the user is searching in the app. Effortlessly send your leads personalized recommended properties instead of (or in addition) to email! Your Etta app users will receive a push notification on their device alerting them to a "New Property Recommendation" for them to review. Your users will receive access to search properties available in your MLS. Etta users are easily managed in one place, your CINC Agent App, so you never miss an opportunity to delight your leads! Online-homesearch


Getting Started with Etta

As a CINC platform owner or user, you can send the app by clicking the “Send Etta” or “Send App” button from your Leads Dashboard or Leads Detail page in the CINC Dashboard and CINC Agent app. Leads will receive a text with a link that lets them automatically log in to Etta and begin searching for properties through your site. Additionally, set up your own sequence to automatically send Etta to new leads once they have moved to a pre-defined stage of your pipeline.


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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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