The Marketing Tool you are Missing to Make This Year your Best Listing Year Ever

Every extraordinary listing agent strives to make their listing stand out to homebuyers. Video is one of the most underused tools by real estate agents, but the return of using video in your listing marketing can skyrocket your ROI in countless ways. Video increases awareness and engagement not only with your listings but also your brand awareness and customer confidence.

Enter CINC Video: Our newest feature to rid you of the stress of creating your own video.  Video, cost of video creation, skills required to film and edit, or even the cost to outsource the task are many reasons that real estate agents shy away from using video. CINC has created a way to allow you to create your own listing videos to enhance your marketing strategy. CINC Video not only creates your listing videos for you, but also integrates with YouTube to create and manage your very own YouTube channel. Best part of all is that you can do it all from your CINC platform! CINC Video is sure to increase your homebuyer views for your listings, while also generating more listing leads. 

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