3 Easy Steps to Generate $100K in Extra GCI in Only 90 Days


As an industry rockstar, team leader, and coach, Brian Gubernick is a true authority in real estate.  In thinking of ways that he could improve the trajectory of his team in a simple 90 days, he texted, called, and emailed the biggest producers in real estate to ask them how they make the most profit in their business. He clarified that this wasn't a collection of thoughts or theories; he was looking for vetted solutions that had been proven by dozens of industry leaders across the nation. The result? Brian and his team now guarantee a $100,000 income for any brand-new agent that joins his sales team, if they follow this formula. Here, Brian shares his proven formula for producing $100,000 in extra GCI in only 90 days.  

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Changing and Keeping Your Mindset Every Day

First and foremost, change your mindset so your motto is "I will show up, do more, work harder, and ask more people for business." And yes, some days it's easier said than done. Mindset, for how you attack and how you approach this, is maybe the entire answer to making this happen.

Break it into your Daily Must-Dos: 

  • Two hours dialing per day
  • Attend one open house per week
  • Build out your Sphere Of Influence plan within your CINC platform

You've got to increase your activity, your accountability, your dedication, and your commitment. Simply changing the activity in your mindset may get you there without all the other additional tasks.


Understanding Your Numbers to Hit Your Target

Every market is different, and to create your personalized game plan, you’ll have to personalize your formula to get you to your $100k goal. It's important to understand how to take the next steps and understand the numbers behind that. To keep it simple, let's say 10 transactions gets you to $100,000. Now, ask yourself these questions:

1) How many buyer or seller listings do I need to get to my closed deal goal?

In most markets, 100% of things are selling, but for the sake of this conversation, let's say it should be 14 to reach a goal of 10 deals. 

2) How many appointments do I need to get a buyer or seller listing?

Appointments are generated by running lead nurturing ads to leads in your CINC database. You'll increase visibility and brand awareness of your platform and agency to the leads. Previous site visitors, whether they registered as a lead or not, will pick up a piece of tracking code in their web browsers. This enables us to serve ads to them across both Facebook and the Google Display Network, a wide variety of websites: news, informational sites, lifestyle pages, sports, music, and special interest websites. 

3) How many contacts do I need to set those appointments?

One of the top lead generation activities you can do is run ads to generate new leads in your CINC platform. Target new buyer and seller leads through popular platforms, including Facebook and Google. Start with our defined buyer personas for buyer and seller leads, and personalize to your market as needed. CINC will run campaigns for clients for a few months and then adjust as needed.


Last but not least: Always be Goal Setting 

Every day when you throw that headset on, visit an open house or work with CINC to start a new ad campaign, you should be setting a goal of how many contacts you want generating from each action, and hold yourself accountable on whether you hit that goal or not. The bottom line to get to $100k in GCI in 90 days, work harder and smarter! 

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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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