The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Pipeline in the CINC Platform

The pipeline within your CINC Platform is a powerful tool to keep track of where your leads are in the buying process and see your potential book of business at a glance. Pipeline Stages track the natural evolution of a lead from new to sold.


New Lead Stage

A New Lead is any lead that you have not yet attempted to contact. Make sure to contact the new lead immediately, meaning within 60 seconds of the lead coming into your platform. If they come in during the night, that’s ok--make sure to call them first thing in the morning.

Pro Tip: Your goal should be to always have zero leads in this stage because you’re reaching out immediately!

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Attempted Contact Stage

Your leads in Attempted Contact are those that you’ve called but been unable to get a hold of by text, email, or phone call. You can easily attempt contact by call, text, or email through your CINC buttons! Using the CINC buttons will help with tracking all your attempts to reach out. The Attempted Contact Stage will be your biggest bucket, so make sure you are consistently working these leads so they can move through the pipeline!

Pro Tip: If you can’t reach a lead, don’t leave a voicemail! Your Attempted Contact leads will show up in your P filters, so work them daily to call leads as often as needed!

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Contacted Stage

Your Contacted leads are those that you’ve had a quality conversation with, but they are not ready to set an appointment. Reminders will be your best friend in this stage to keep following up with these leads!

Pro Tip: If the lead has opened an email or if they picked up and hung up, they aren’t quite ready to be in this stage. Keep them in attempted contact until you have had a quality conversation.

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Appointment Set Stage

These are leads who you’ve contacted and have set an appointment with your lead. Monitor this pipeline often! It’s easy to forget clients in appt. set, and we want to keep them moving down to Sold!

Pro Tip: Schedule your appointments inside CINC, so your lead will receive the email confirmation for the appointment set. Your clients will LOVE how efficient you are with the automatic confirmation email!

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Showing Stage

Here is where your lead lives while you are actively working with Buyer and Seller leads. You can set up labels to identify which ones are Buyer Leads or Seller Leads.

Pro Tip: Just like the Appointment Set stage, always keep an eye on your Showing pipeline to make sure that you’re not forgetting any leads. Always keep your leads moving through your pipeline!

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Under Contract Stage

Buyer or Seller Leads that are in escrow live in this stage. Create a note to include your transaction details!

Pro Tip: Occasionally, the escrow does not close. Make sure to move them back to Appointment Set to keep your pipeline accurate.

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Sold Stage

This final stage of your pipeline. These are your leads that have closed and where your past clients will remain. If a new transaction comes through with an old lead, make sure they repeat the pipeline. Add a note that includes important close information, including agent name, transaction side, address, price, and close date.

Pro Tip: Export your data monthly so you can send handwritten notes or gifts as needed! 


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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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