Leads. Service. Community... Why Having the Right Real Estate Technology Makes All the Difference

Successful elite real estate teams understand the importance of powering their business by investing in technology. The right technology partner not only drives the right leads at the right price, but it also provides the tools to help you efficiently translate those leads into revenue. But an investment in CINC is much more than an investment in technology - it’s an investment in a true partner in growing your real estate business.

At CINC, that means doubling down on our investment in our training and client service teams, and building a community of top agents to provide our clients with best practices, collaboration, and even referral business. Below, CINC’s Client Communications Manager, Hayden Sloan, opens up about our team’s commitment to client success, and goes in depth about what sets CINC’s training & service team apart from other real estate technologies.

Tell us a little bit about your role with CINC:Hay_Slay_title.png

I’ve been a part of the CINC family for 2 years now, recently moving into the client communications role. I started out in client services, so my days consisted of getting to know teams and their goals, and training them on how to use the platform to run their business. I know the ins and outs of not only our platform but the real estate tech sphere in general.

Can you describe the typical CINC client?

The types of clients we get are really tenacious, really hungry and really successful. It’s a blast working with people with those types of personalities, because they’re so ready to dive in and work to understand how to leverage our technology to grow their business.

CINC has grown relatively quickly, how does that impact the level of customer service?

As we’ve grown, we’ve doubled down on resources to enhance and improve client communications. We work hard to ensure clients are excited about our existing capabilities and amped about what’s coming down the pipeline.

brakets.pngIn the two years that I’ve been with CINC, the platform has transformed completely. The functionality has been consistent, but we’ve added so many new features based on specific client feedback. At CINC, client feedback doesn't just go into some suggestion box, it goes directly to our product developers. And if the product has improved this much in 2 years, based on the specific requests of our clients, I’m excited to see what the future holds for continued improvement. We’re always striving to be as transparent as possible about alleviating our clients pain points so we can continue to be the top producing real estate CRM technology in the industry.

What sets CINC apart in terms of how we serve our clients?

It’s interesting… when you work in technology in general, whether it’s real estate tech or troubleshooting a problem with your laptop, more often than not, the person assisting on the other end of the phone is someone super tech-oriented and tech- focused. The difference at CINC, is that our client services team goes beyond pure technical support to be a partner in your business, and being a true partner for our clients is personal.


While everyone on our client services team is knowledgeable about our technology, our team goes beyond mere CINC_wants-2.pngtech support. From the second we demo the platform to purchasing, you have a direct point of contact at all times with your account manager, who is going to know everything about your business, your family, your likes, dislikes, the best ways you learn and everything inbetween. We want to work with you to determine how your market works, how your office works, and how your brokerages works to determine what is the best approach to make you the most money.

When new clients get on their very first welcome call and we say welcome to the CINC family it’s not just something we put on our email signature. We think of clients as family, and treat them as such, supporting you through the ups and the downs in this business.

What sets CINC apart from other real estate technologies in the space?

At CINC, we work to earn your business everyday, and our product speaks for itself. The platform, our superior lead gen, and unparalleled level of community and client support is what keeps clients coming back. We want you to be excited about hearing from your account manager, coming to training and learning how to grow your real estate business together.

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