Top 5 Strategies to Close Your Internet Leads with The Sibbach Team

Effectively converting internet leads can be a struggle. You can spend a significant amount of money expanding your reach, but if you can't convert the leads you generated, then it's easy to write internet leads off as bad and instantly move them to the trash. The Sibbach Team's Jeff Sibbach and Phil Sexton are sharing their top five tactical and practical strategies they use to take their internet leads to the closing table, which lead them to become conversion masters and top real estate agents in Arizona. 

1) Get Your Leads on the Phone Immediately

Speed to lead is essential for closing your internet leads, so get ready for your phone to become your best friend. Once that lead hits your platform, your goal is to call the lead in the first 60 seconds. And we get it- robocallers are the worst! Here is the formula to get your internet leads on the phone:

Speed to Lead

If this formula doesn't work, don't deem the lead as bad. Move them to your attempted contact stage, so you remember to work them daily (or as often as needed)!

2) Automation and Communication

Automate communications so you can free up your time and can focus on other tasks! If you know what your buyer lead is looking for, then set up a property alert. Build a search based on the lead's preferences, then have your CINC system automatically send matching listings via email. Make it your goal to have every lead in your system set up with alerts for similar homes within their target areas. Then you can focus on the weekly communications to your entire database with updates on important information, like market or neighborhood changes! You stay persistent and consistent with your leads. 


3) Give Individual Attention with Personalized Communications 

Leverage your CINC system to automate the effect of individual love and attention! That way, you can use that additional time to specifically follow up with those that need it. Your platform has a plethora of automated communication tools to show love effortlessly, including Behavioral Messaging. This feature has nine predefined rules that you can turn on, so when a lead performs a distinguishable action, a message is sent to them on your behalf. It naturally starts the conversation for you! 

4) Be the Expert of Your Market

Your consumer wants YOU to be their guide of market knowledge of neighborhood insights, pocket listings coming soon, and much more. In the internet age, this means giving them market insights they can't find on Google or Zillow. Get out of your chair, walk out the office, and drive your preferred neighborhoods (or the neighborhoods you want to sell in). Talk with agents at open houses, who are networking with neighbors, or keep an eye out for dumpsters in neighborhoods because that is an excellent indicator of someone looking to sell their home soon! Tease that expertise with leads when you are having your discovery conversations. When they mention a neighborhood, share details including how many homes are in the neighborhood or what style homes are in the community.



5) Energize your Sales Pitch to Get the Appointment

The goal for each lead is to set an appointment. Similar to trying to get a first date, you have to be enthusiastic and optimistic. As you make calls, stand up to naturally energize you, and remember smile as you dial! Enthusiasm goes a long way on the phone, but remember the goal: set the appointment. If they don't have time, gauge what time works better for them: Nights? Weekends? Afternoons? Always be setting the appointment!



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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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