Top 5 Things You Have to Be Doing to Win in 2021

In January 2021, Inman hosted its annual Inman Connect. Only this year, instead of heading to Times Square, NYC, thousands of Realtors logged on to gain valuable insights from the main stage and breakout sessions alike. Enter Gil Ramos, speaker, author, coach, and the CEO and broker of the #1 Zillow team in the Southeast. Gil hit the stage to discuss tactical strategies you need to implement today to execute on your 2021 goals. Check out the list of 5 must-dos below:

1. Fly, Don’t be a Fly

You have to start doing things a little bit differently to stand out in 2021. You can’t be that fly buzzing around the window – banging their head – saying all the things they’re going to achieve. You have to open the proverbial window and take action, so that you can make progress. (And if the window is latched shut – TRY ANOTHER ONE! Or the front door, back door, etc.) Just make sure you are executing and moving forward on your goals instead of buzzing about them.

Don’t know where to start? Put together a super team. Build a council of agents and leaders in your office, organization, or franchise to bounce ideas off of, get inspiration from, and have accountability. The American Society of Training and Development (ATSD) has found that if you commit to someone, when making a goal, and have a standard accountability appointment with them, your chance of success is 95%. Within the real estate industry alone, there are numerous Facebook groups (for example, Dead Agent Society, Next Level Agents and Lab Coat Agents) along with other organizations aimed at cultivating accountability. There's no excuse not to find, connect, and commit with like-minded power agents.

2. Unravel Your Communication Trap

We’ve all been there, you spend time crafting the perfect email to get your database engaged. You write it, review it, send it, and then hear nothing. It can be frustrating. But think of your own experience. As a consumer, how many mass emails do you actually read? There are so many modes of communication in 2021, and you must be using them all. You need calls, email, text, video, and social media to get your message out there and make sure the audience is hearing you. The marketing rule of 7 says that consumers need an average of 7 interactions with you before moving forward.

But, if you think about it, that is a lot of messaging to create! The good news is you can (and should) repurpose everything! Video is king – and any videos you make should be cross-posted across all channels: Youtube, Instagram (stories and posts!), Facebook, TikTok, etc. That way, you’re saving time and getting the most out of your communications. Certain platforms, like CINC, offer Video Messaging, that allows you to send video texts and emails across your database in a few simple clicks. Not sure how to get started with video messages? Check out these best practices for creating engaging videos.

3. Attract (and Keep) The Right Talent

Recruit, Retain, and Return (on your investment). We’ve all heard these. The 3 Rs are the cornerstone of any brokerage and the 3 most important functions they have. While some can have organic success with each of these steps, it’s important to set up systems and processes to ensure you have continued success in these areas as you grow. In order to recruit – and more importantly, to retain – you need to have your set of values locked-in. Otherwise, your agents will find a team that does. Not only that, but check out this guide to the 4 things you need to do before you even start recruiting. 2021 is a great time to audit your existing culture, systems, budgets, and expenses to cut anything that didn’t work in 2020.

4. Understand the Process - Then Automate It

To help you build out your strategy for the 3 Rs, you’ll need to partner with the right technology. While there are systems out there that can help with each step, CINC is unique because it can help you with all three. As the number one lead generation platform in real estate, CINC gives you the power to leverage the platform for your team. Each of the new agents you recruit can be routed specific leads based on their experience, market, and other criteria, and given their own website, growing confidence in you as a leader, and helping with retention.

Much more than the technology, though, CINC has a community of over 40k agents that not only share insights and best practices among each other (psst. think of that council of agents we talked about in #1), but CINC-specific training sessions, live & virtual events, and masterminds to keep your agents ahead of the game. Thanks to our community, lead generation, and industry-leading follow up tools, CINC clients can see a return of over 4x, making the decision to join a no brainer. As you decide on which system is a perfect fit for your business, here's a checklist for you to evaluate your need-to-haves.  

5. Collaborate and Mastermind to Grow your Skillset

This tip is crucial, so much so, that it’s made its way into each of our other must-dos. Each agent’s experience in the industry is different, and everyone has picked up tips, systems, and scripts, that have worked for them along the way. In a time where in-person collaboration has stalled, it is vital to be intentional about sharing the knowledge you have learned, and asking others for their feedback.

The best part of collaboration is that a tip you receive from an agent in a market across the country might not exactly translate to your market, but it sparks and idea of something similar that you know will boost your conversion. That shifts your mindset to not just working in your business, but working on your business, setting you up for success in 2021.

Want to view Gil's full session from Inman Connect? Check it out below:

This Blog Post was Written by Jordan Fisher

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