Turning Opportunity Into Profit with CINC (As featured in RIS Media)

This month, in an interview with CINC Co-CEOs, Jason Hoback and Alvaro Erize, RIS Media explores how CINC is working to become the one indispensable piece of technology on which elite real estate professionals manage their businesses and make more money. Read on as RIS Media managing editor Paige Tepping details CINC's impressive journey.

Running a profitable real estate business in today’s fast-paced, tech-driven environment is a challenging proposition. But for the industry’s elite teams (those doing 40+ transactions a year), CINC (Commissions Inc.) is a key piece of the puzzle, providing the tools needed to attract and engage clients—and turn opportunity into profit.

Created to alleviate the frustration associated with having to deal with multiple technologies in order to achieve real estate success, the platform was born in 2011 as a lead generation and CRM solution. The team spent the next two years creating an integrated platform from which team leaders could run their total business. More depth was added to the solution, coinciding with the launch of CRM+—an update to the platform’s pre-existing CRM—in 2015. In September 2016, CINC was bought by Fidelity National Financial, a huge milestone that set the stage for greater success across the board.


For Co-CEO Alvaro Erize, Fidelity’s acquisition marked a true turning point in the platform’s trajectory path forward.

“Everything we do is to strengthen the agent’s position in the market. Fidelity shares our client-first mentality and passion for the agent, giving us the firepower and support we need to grow beyond what we had imagined,” says Erize of the company’s focus on being the best platform on which to run a business, as well as offering the best lead gen and conversion engine in the market.

“Even if you put the best fuel in a bad car, it won’t get anywhere,” says Erize, underscoring the importance a good platform will have on an agent’s efficiency day-in and day-out. “The goal is then for team leaders to take agents selling 10 houses a year and mentor them to be able to sell 25.”

While many clients see a boost of more than 20-30 percent when it comes to lead conversion, it’s important to note that CINC’s investment on the lead gen side of things is paying huge dividends as well, with their clients’ cost-per-lead down 24 percent year-over-year.

“We have the ability to hone in on keywords that will drive the best type of lead to a specific client at the most effective price,” says Hoback. A process that’s been boiled down to an art, automated algorithms ensure leads are tailored to a client’s area of expertise, falling in their conversion sweet spot.

More than just a software company, CINC’s culture provides a unique value proposition all on its own.

“When it comes to culture, you either have it, or you don’t. Since we’re a no-contract business, we’ve adopted a ‘Whatever It Takes’ (WIT) mentality because we have to earn our clients’ business every single day,” says Hoback.


To that end, it’s all about mindset. While the phrase “no problem” is taboo at CINC, Hoback notes that even though the difference between “no problem” and “my pleasure” is subtle, it’s the small things that add up to big things when interacting with clients.

Taking this one step further, Erize believes the company’s strongest asset is the unrivaled community clients become part of when they join the CINC family. “We’ve built what I think is the most impressive community of elite real estate professionals who come together through us, refer business to one another and support each other through times of need,” he explains. “The value of our community is as valuable as CINC, and it will only become stronger as we bring this dream to fruition.” 


Looking ahead, there’s no end in sight as the company continues to pave the way toward its goal of becoming the undisputed, indispensable piece of technology on which elite real estate professionals run their business. “What’s really interesting from a technology perspective is the fact that we haven’t even scratched the surface with the value we bring our clients and the innovative things we can do to make their lives easier,” says Hoback.

“We’ve achieved a lot already, but we still have a significant way to go,” concludes Erize.

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This Blog Post was Written by Brandy Commodore

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