[VIDEO] Real Sync | Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Unknown

On the most recent episode of Real Sync, Alvaro Erize spoke with Joel Peterson.

Mr. Peterson is the Chairman of Jet Blue, investor and board member for numerous startups, the former CEO of Trammell Crow Company, and has been a professor at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University since 1992. His recent book, Entrepreneurial Leadership is a comprehensive, practical guide to the maps & mindsets needed to become an Entrepreneurial Leader.

The focus of the episode was building trust (both internally and externally) as a business leader, especially in times of turmoil. Watch the replay below.

Topics Covered in this Episode

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:16 Entrepreneurial Leadership overview
  • 04:58 The Importance of Building Trust with Your Employees
  • 09:25 Establishing Your Personal Brand
  • 11:56 Assessing Core Values & Rewriting Your Operating System
  • 14:41 Building Your Personal Mantra
  • 16:48 Accepting Responsiblity & Cutting Yourself Slack
  • 20:40 Protecting Your Personal Life
  • 24:01 Identifying Partners You Can Trust
  • 26:30 Breaking the Habit of Lying to Yourself
  • 30:43 Creating a Mission & Hiring and Firing with Empathy
  • 35:07 The Difference Between Firing the Right Way and the Wrong Way
  • 38:28 Delivering Results & How to Use a Board Effectively
  • 41:43 Outlook on the Real Estate Industry for 2020
  • 47:25 Discuss Recovery of the US Economy Moving Past COVID-19
  • 49:13 Q&A: "What resources do you use to understand real estate trends and market statistics?"
  • 50:24 Q&A "How do you handle individuals you've hired that are more interested in expanding their own influence over doing the job you've hired them for?"
  • 52:06 Q&A: "What book are you reading now?"
  • 54:15 Conclusion

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Meet the Speaker: Joel Peterson

Known as the “Mr. Rogers of Silicon Valley," Joel has extensive knowledge of the entrepreneurial nature of the real estate industry, and has shared his expertise on Fox & FriendsCNN’s Quest Means BusinessCBS Radio, and BNN Bloomberg among other outlets.

Purchase Joel Peterson's book "Entrepreneurial Leadership" here.

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