[VIDEO] Real Sync | Focusing on the Market of the Moment

On the latest episode of Real Sync, Alvaro Erize talks with Real Estate Rockstar, Cody Gibson. With a Mega-Agent Team in Portland and a thriving expansion business in over 100 markets across the US in 26 states and over 100 cities, he will discuss the Market of the Moment and share insights on thriving right now, whether you are a team owner, leader, or user.

Topics Covered in This Video

Watch as they share:

  • Insight in top markets across the country
  • Virtual scripts to for your market
  • Leveraging video in your communications 

Meet the Speaker

Cody Gibson 

Owner, United Home Group

Cody Gibson has been a top-producing agent and leader for nearly 17 years. He owns and leads a Mega-Agent Team in Portland, Oregon, as well as operates an expansion team in over 100 additional markets. His passion for helping others has led him to become a highly sought after speaker and business coach, traveling around the country.

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This Blog Post was Written by Krista Robertson

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