[VIDEO] Record Results - and New Opportunities - in Real Estate Lead Generation

The Coronavirus Crisis caused an unprecedented disruption to real estate marketing, but it also created opportunities. An increase in traffic from more people looking for homes online, advertisers reducing their spend lowering competition, and CINC's improvements to its optimization process all contributed to a historically good performance so far in 2020.

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CINC's Google, Facebook, and exclusive ListCast advertising programs all reported the best results in company history in April and May. Now that the economy is starting to open, see how you can optimize your marketing to make the most of the improved performance

CINC's Client Marketing team discusses the new advertising landscape and how it will evolve during the second half of 2020.



Topics Covered in this Webinar

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3:29 Overall Results
4:58 Google Ads
17:27 Facebook/Instagram Ads
33:36 Remarketing/Sphere of Influence

Meet the Speakers

Dan Lott

VP of Client Marketing

Dan created and oversees CINC's award-winning client marketing lead generation department. He has more than 15 years experience overseeing search marketing lead generation programs, and has more than 10 years experience in real estate marketing.

Harry Kierbow

Sr. Director - Paid Social Media Marketing
Over the last 5 years, Harry has grown the CINC Social Media Marketing Program by more than 4x. During that time he’s worked with Facebook’s engineers to develop CINC’s one-of-a-kind Facebook Lead Ad integration and CINC’s dynamic remarketing program – ListCast. He has over a decade of experience managing Facebook campaigns at scale – with over half of that being in real estate.

Eric Robson

Display Marketing Manager

Eric has overseen all of the display marketing initiatives on the CINC Client Marketing team since 2016. He was instrumental in the development of the technology that created the first version of CINC's Dynamic Property Remarketing, which has since evolved into the Listcast Program. He also assists with the creation and maintenance of Google PPC campaigns for new clients on the Launch Team and helps manage CINC’s YouTube channel.

This Blog Post was Written by Dan Lott

Dan is CINC’s VP of Client Marketing. Dan joined CINC in 2012, when he launched the online advertising department he continues to lead. He has more than 18 years experience in search marketing and online advertising, mostly developing lead generation programs for fast growing businesses, including real estate companies. Dan earned a BA in Economics from American University and an MBA in eCommerce Marketing from Vanderbilt.

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